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Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: The Bollon light. Warwick: QLD
« Last post by Simon2 on March 15, 2019, 10:34:58 AM »
Hi KANACKI, the natural world emits, in various parts of the world, both magnetic and sounds (out of our physical body to hear), can cause a large number of strange occurrences to occur from the Bermuda Triangle, "Magnetic Hill", just outside Burlington, Ontario, where a car can be pulled up when in idle, etc..

The proximity of realms which occupy the same "space", as physical worlds, causing Portals to each realm; There is no Heaven and Hell as the spiritual realm, for instance, is all around us. Something I can attest  too.

With this in mind, I can say that natural occurrences caused by natural magnetic influences, sounds beyond the human ear, to the Telluric Current, can cause phenomena both physical and spiritual.

The balance between Positive and Negative Energy is changing every second so phenomena's can last for a short or long time, something I have been involved in recently. Case in point, the strange physical and indeed spiritual changes that occurred to me as a result of various factors occurring over just under 2 weeks.

Just another part of my "Planned" journey causing me to do a "Hard Left" (LOL).

once again, I have let my inner thoughts to write this Post, so hope the readers and also you my friend, can follow my logic. ROFLE
Hello Simon. Interesting was it outside the house itself or the flag pole that triggered the response?

I have no power in reading into photographs but open to people interpretation of what feel and can see.

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: The Heidelberg Poltergeist: Melbourne : VIC
« Last post by KANACKI on March 10, 2019, 10:40:18 PM »
Hello Simon interesting would this spirit be a responsive spirit or unresponsive spirit acting like a ghost memory than a coherent spirit?
Hello Simon

Perhaps that is a case? But why is Cyrill still here? Is it just case he never believed he was dead? And it was only a local legend that linked him to Mr cox?

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: The Bollon light. Warwick: QLD
« Last post by KANACKI on March 10, 2019, 10:35:01 PM »
Hello Simon

My apologies  all I have been busy elsewhere these days.

In regards to Bollon light the road where these alleged manifestation take place cuts through essentially what Europeans call fairy rings. Fairy rings in Europe had a lot of legends surrounded them the physical ring of fungi has reputation for magic. However this is not just a European phenomenon. In fact African and Australia also gets these rings that eventually starves nutriments in the soil in the middle of the ring casing vegetation to die.

There is a theory that the rings  generate a tiny bit of magnetic field that revolves clockwise that in turn affects the earth positive and negative forces. Could a road cutting through a super charged magnetic field created conditions for earth lights? And other forces to alter a persons perceptions? Could these subliminal changes effect the subconsciousness of a driver enough to lose concentration to have an accident?

Perhaps why the local aboriginal population related to these places as the Debil Debil? Enough force to cause traveler experience manifestations of light or a phantom coach?

Paranormal Portal / Re: I Have Not Left You All!!
« Last post by Simon2 on February 12, 2019, 01:48:56 PM »
Hi Simon here, good news, I am back.

Surprisingly  out of bad luck I am now free of my drugs; I am also gaining more clarity without heavy drugs.

The pain I have, has not gone away but am now dealing with it by meditation and "misdirection of the mind", i.e., reading a book, listening to music, etc..

The mind is a great tool and can do a lot of things for us, we just have to believe strongly in it; The Mind Is Not Used By Most People, they just don't know; I was one of those and the change in me is very Positive!!!

Paranormal Portal / Re: I Have Not Left You All!!
« Last post by bronwyn on January 16, 2019, 07:06:57 PM »
Hi Simon ,glad you made it through your medical problems or at least on the mend slowly.Nice to hear you have the support of your wife & family.Take care & hopefully I will be back on more to read your stories.And Hello Violet  :)
Paranormal Portal / Re: I Have Not Left You All!!
« Last post by violet on January 04, 2019, 12:37:18 PM »
Glad you came through it relatively intact! My sympathy to your wife and your nose! Take care Simon. Looking forward to your stories.
Paranormal Portal / I Have Not Left You All!!
« Last post by Simon2 on December 28, 2018, 02:13:28 PM »
Hello All

I sincerely hope that you had a Wonderful Christmas and will have a Very Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

It has been a strange yet cathartic last few weeks, remembering that after 2 visits to the Emergency at a local Private / Public Hospital and I think just over a week in the Hospital Section as well.

For those that know me, it was not my Back (LOL).

Unfortunately, the above Hospital Visit / Stay was the aftermath of having a large BCC (Basel Cell Carcinoma) removed, following with "unplanned" bleeding and time until more stitches were added to stop the blood flow, that I got a Staphylococci Infection in my Blood and another health issue that occurred to me as well; as they say, "...Pride Goith Before My... Nose, etc.". ROFL

The good thing, for me, was that I was supported by my poor wife, who had to drive me to the hospital, talk to the doctors (as I was and to some degree, still suffering a loss of being able to talk too and understand what the doctors were saying to me), visit me on most nights, etc., while still working full-time in a business that is busiest this time of year.

Also, I was home the Saturday before Christmas, so was able to make our annual Christmas Celebrations (made possible by my wife and our 2 children (though they are adults and have been for some time, I still see them as my children), which was lovely.

I am still very weak and it will take me some time to get back to my "Old Self" over the next 2 to 3 months so please bear with me during this time.

I am still part of this Wonderful Forum and love communicating with you on subjects we all love and cherish.

I have some stories I want to share with you all, that came out of all the above.

In closing, remember, there are always positives that comes out of negative events, like the above, you just have to have clarity and a "Oneness" within yourself to see these.... 8) 8) ;D ;D

To Be Continued...... LOL

As I was reading the additional information you kindly added I did get a feeling as follows,

Cyril did not kill Mr Cox, he as you mentioned ran and got aid.

I have a picture of Mr. Cox in the process of dismounting his horse, a loud noise caused the horse's front to raise up and the front foot of the horse, struck Mr Cox's head as he fell, without any control, beside the horse.
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