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Apologies, about having to stop talking, but I needed to take the call as it was about my Physiotherapy this Wednesday. "..any issues?..". No, just a time change.

Feel free to have tea, coffee and cheese, cakes, help yourself. "I know how it works by now, Haha..".

1964 would be another quite surprising year, even as school had just started.

You know in those days we would have "General Assemby's" where news of items students should know as well as unsavoury topics, mainly due to students being/were expelled, sporty students/ex-students and their progress, etc..

Well, at the first General Assembly we were told that the school confirmed that there was now a Form 4 and possibly Form 5 and Form 6. I thought wow, what a coincidence, I had the possibility of staying at the School that I felt comfortable with.

Early that year, I also found out that teachers I liked, liked me, as they had put forward both my name and strong endorsement along with both the Headmaster and Principal for the Scholarship I received.

Another coincidence!! Even our Student Record is only printed up to Form 4 although there are extra pages to Form 6. I was ecstatic.

1964 was also my first year in Cadets (the second last smallest Cadet [LOL]) and the year the Beatles came to Australia.

While a lot of the guys loved the Beatles, their songs "bored me" musically, but I was starting to like a lot of Australian music talent, there was certainly also some overseas music, that I was starting to like.

I didn't know the genre's then, but they crossed-over Soul, R & B, Folk, etc., but definately no Rock & Roll, which my brother Liked.

Having said that, I still liked watching Elvis Movies at the Drive-In; Our sister's husband would take us to the Drive-In and occassionaly my brother and I went to the Cinema, which was only a 15 minute bus drive away.

You also need to understand that I was only exposed to music via radio, TV, Crystal Set (I made this), Movies, Friends and kids at School. Unfortunately we didn't have a Record Player, which was a real bummer.

1964 was also the start of my interest in the Arts (Painting and Sculpture, etc.) and what I call "Endorsed Reading", which was continuing at an even pace, as the "Book In My Head", was teaching me more about being an Empath, although I called it "Emotional Teaching".

Using the teachings I started to learn about my emotions, it seemed like I was very, very slowly able to pickup other peoples emotional states, angry, happy and everything else, including hatred. All negative energies affected me badly and I had no way to protect myself, I just left the area and would always start to feel better.

Where there was a group who were happy, I was able to feed off them and really enjoyed them.

I was also somehow starting to be able to tell if someone was being truthful or not.

 I called this my "Gut Feel"

I was also starting to learn more about meditation, however I needed to be careful as we boys slept in one room and in one big bed, whilst the youngest girl had her own room. ROFL I therefore learned meditation when I was alone.

As I knew most of the Bus Drivers by name I would sweep the bus and the ride would be free, something I had been doing since I was 10.

Another thing that was introduced in 1963/1964 on TV was the "Summer School Of Science", which I found really enjoyable and intriguing, although I was not a "science person" as such, I just seemed to be drawn to the programme. It was so much fun and a great learning experience after all.

More liquid was being added to the "Mould" that would one day show me who I really was.

Now, lets both have a glass of champagne and nibbles before you go home my friend.

"...sounds terrific.., also before I forget, I can also make time to hear more of your story tomorrow."

Thank you so much.

Good morning my friend and thank you for being here once again to help me recount my life, but not in detail.

"...I am so glad, I could not imagine that the detail is all glowing..". You are spot on, but some detail of my life, which is very sad, has to be faced.

Now for the good and, for me, some bad news.

The 1963 School Holidays, was very emotionally charged, with Mum and Dad discussing what to do about my Scholarship as we were just a working-class family on one, sometimes two (Mum used to clean a couple of houses), incomes, so a lot had to be discussed.

On my part, I was still selling newspapers, but had a chance to mow one of the newsagents lawns and also work for the Chemist Shop just one shop up; if only I had a bicycle?

Working for Dad had had to wait another 12 months as I was not strong enough (according to Dad).
With all this in play I said that if they helped me get a bicycle, I would pay it of weekly, with all the money I would get from my 3 part-time Jobs, which was agreed.

I also said that I would help by any books, pay for excursions and uniforms, when needed.

The Other part of the agreement, which I wasn't happy about, was that if I looked after the 2 youngest children during school holidays, next year at the earliest, my parents would agree to me continuing my schooling.

I was so excited, but as my current school only went to Form 3, where would I go then?

My parents were also interested in the answer. Thinking on my feet, as I did and still do (gut feel, I call it), I said the local High School, where my State School friends went too.

The agreement was set and I was so excited, I didn't ask myself the key question, "Why Me and not my older brother?".

I remember Mum being so excited for me and that was an event, which brought us both closer emotionally, while Dad was, well just Dad.

I'm sure my older brother and sister were happy for me, but am unable to confirm this as I honestly can't remember.

By the end of 1963, my older sister had been married for a few years and had a child, while my brother, who was still at home, was a year into his apprenteship and charting his own Life Journey.

I was also by now starting to unconsciously learn how to, what psychologists called, wear a different "Mask" for all occassions. One for Home, School, Friends, etc., although I wouldn't learn about these until my undergraduate studies..   

Well my dear friend, same place but changed somehow. Life is moving really fast right now, as if it knows where I am going and I am trying to, not only hang on, but beat it to where it wants to go and I am losing the "race" very badly.

"...can I help you...?

Please be there when I need you the most (crying right now and just want to understand more, but more what?). "..don't cry, I am here with you now and we need to get this finished, sooner rather than later!!"

Okay let's proceed.

I am now a teenager and after a year of illness, requiring a lot of days off school, I finished in the top 40% of students in Form I, I and my parents were happy, particularly my Mother.

Form 2, 1963, say my brother leave and start his apprenticeship, which would be the platform of his long time career in the Heat Treatment Industry, which was a great choice I thought at the time.

I also thought the Cadets would be something of interest for me and joined towards the end of Form I, meaning I would leave a Form where I was in "A" (Form 1A - bright students) and move to a less challenging form 2C, due to joining the Cadets.

I was really starting to enjoy, not only learning, but also making new friends, some of whom would be my friends for many years to come.

The year was starting to be great on the money side as selling Newspapers seemed to be in my blood and which I really enjoyed.

My Comic collection was growing very rapidly, thanks to this and some "pocket money" my mother would give me for helping with the chores around the house. I also started to grow my interest in building plastic model planes, something I really enjoyed.

Thanks also to the Newsagency bosses, two men, one of whom I would become friends with for the next 10 years, I was able to look at the magazines and paperback books they had, I started to be drawn too, not only subject matter of the weird and wonderful (UFO's, Ghost Stories, etc.) but also basic science and books about the future, wonderful topics for a mind like mine.

But the one book, my first book I purchased, was on Buddhism. I seemed to be drawn to it, almost like it was actually calling me.

This was another sign that I was starting to head down a road that none of my family had any knowledge of, nor could understand why!! Another wedge, slowly widening the gap between my life's journey and the rest of my family, even my mother.

Like life is for me today, it was talked about in general terms amongst family members and I but never discussed; not one member asked me why?

I think my family all knew I was very slowly becoming different in most ways than the rest of the family, but they never stopped loving me or supporting me in things we had in common.

This never stopped me learning more in the areas that I enjoyed so much.

Remember, the "Mould Of The Person I Truly Was" and the ingredients that were added in my Childhood, then the start of my interest in a wide area of both accepted and "not accepted" knowledge/information is the starting point of adding the "Binding Agent" to the ingredients.

Given, my Father was "old school", apart from "bringing in the money" (his words, which were always repeated when I asked why he did not help Mum out, especially since she also had to look after 2 small children, now 5 and 6 years old), cooking and the odd haircut, I don't remember him doing any basic chores.

This was something I would later understand as being "normal" for most men of his era.

Although it was an accepted principle, I never understood why, but do now in retrospect. It seemed to be "hard-wired" in him and other father's of friends we knew; a sense of entitlement if you like.

"Yes, I understand, why don't we take a small break for tea, coffee and those lovely cakes I saw in your kitchen, LOL". Good idea, as I am feeling quite "naked" and exposed emotionally at this moment.

That break was exactly what I needed my friend, thank you so much. " pleasure and a big thank you for the Cheese Plate and the cakes, also.."

Illness, would once again plague me during this year like the last, affecting both my performance and perceived status as a bright student.

This wasn't the case as I finished in the top 35%, which made my parents really happy. My Mother saw in me what she could have become, if circumstances were different for her, as she also was very bright. Something I instinctively knew was very true.
I guess in looking back to that year, it was a defining moment for me in many ways.

Towards the end of Form 2 and out of the "blue", I received a very official letter from the "Education Department", advising me that I had been awarded a Junior Scholarship, which would pay for school fees and allow my parents to claim an amount for me each year, up to Form 6 (Matriculation/HSC).

I was both shocked and elated and very, very proud.

"Sh1t, what happened when you told your parents, my friend...?"

Ah, for that you are going to have to come back, hopefully tomorrow; same time?

"Hell yeah, I'm not going to miss this chance, no way....."

Good morning my friend and thank you for coming over at such short notice and, yes, lunch is on me.

First, I need to write a Post Script to My Childhood, which my older brother reminded me about when we talked last.

"..Does he know what you are writing about..."? No, like all my family, extended family, friends, etc., they dislike the Paranormal and believe I am writing a small memoir about my life, only you know the real reason.

Anyway, lets get going.

During the ages of 10 to 11, we were told by friend that shops were being built not far from where we lived and everyone was very excited about this so we were keeping an eye out to see which shop would be open first.

By age 11 a Milk Bar opened first, which excited the whole neighbourhood and kids of all ages, including us and we started to frequent the milk bar buying such things as lollies, ice cream cones, milk shakes (wonderful), broken biscuits, yes, broken biscuits. I forget the price, but it was cheap and adults wouldn't have bought them, even ice cream in bulk if you bought your own container, which Mum or Dad would always do. Even bought Chinese Food the same way, but from the suburban shops.

A newsagent also opened when I was 11 and with money from helping Mum with extra chores, my comic collection started to increase and I also started to look at different magazines and paperbacks of all sorts.

Other shops such as a Chemist, Fish and Chips (almost every Friday, which was always a busy night!!) and a Barber, who had no sense of humour (saw the end of my Dad cutting mine and my brother's hair, yeah).

My brother and I are not sure, who came up with the idea of asking the newsagent if they had any after school work., but to tell you the truth my friend, I did. Haha!!

Anyway we asked one of the two male owners and he said yes, selling newspapers on the corner of the main (east/west) road. We would get money for each newspaper we sold and coud keep any tips we got.

So, before getting Mum's approval, we said yes, so commenced a friendship between me and one of the newsagents, which would last until they sold the shop, some 7 years later.

We were so excited, we rushed home and told Mum, who at first was, as you can imagine a little apprehensive, but approved.

So we both commenced, me on the west side and my brother on the east side, so I got the cars going one way and he got the cars going in the opposite direction.

After the first evening I had sold the most newspapers and got the most tips, go figure, but my brother was cold, dejected that he sold less than me and also got less tips, so he quit, leaving me the only seller on that corner, which strangely didn't bother me, because the book in my head told me I would be safe.

So started my "mini entrepreneur phase", which would continue for the next few years.

As well as buying more comics I, like the "Men In Black" Movies, always looked at the weird and wonderful books and magazines along with model planes (the small ones only), which would also be a hobby that would be a wonderful pastime for the next 6 years.

So, the scene is now more appropriately set as my 13th Birthday was coming up very fast. Having a birthday in January was never easy for me as by then, with Christmas and a tight budget I knew it would be like the rest.

But my Mother always would always come up with a cake, etc., to make up for the delayed birthday present.

More about age 13 and beyond after lunch, because I don't know about you, but I'm starving, lets eat.

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
« Last post by KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 11:56:29 AM »
The question remian who was this alleged ghost that haunted the loco shed?

The following newspaper  Clarence and Richmond Examiner dated Thursday 5th June 1913

Drowning Fatality at Glenreagh.

The sad drowning accident which befell the unfortunate young man James Watt, a native of Scotland, on Friday morning,caused a feeling of dire sympathy through out the district, especially those engaged
on the local railway construction works,where the deceased was employed.

Although a diligent search was made, it was not until early on Sunday morning that the body was recovered some distance from where the accident occurred, and in about 25 feet of water. The body was removed to the local hotel, where the usual police formalities were conducted by Senior Constable Pritzler and Constable Muggleton.

The funeral took place on Monday morning, and was an exceptionally large one. Over 50 men, representing the differ-ent gangs on the Clenreagh-Grafton railway section, marched to the graveside of their fallen comrade, while the residents were fully represented, and showed their kindly feeling by floral tributes and practical assistance.

The Rev. E. S. Henderson (Presbyterian), Coramba, officiated at the graveside, and on concluding the burial
service made feeling references to the deceased, and his sorrowing relatives and friends in his native land. Amongst the wreaths sent were : From the school children of Glenreagh, his comrades on the line,

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gillard, Mr. and Mrs. R.Crabbe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ellem and family, the police, Messrs. Goodwin and Ellem, Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Matson, Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Tonks and family.

Was or is the restless spirit of James Watt who drowned in 1913 haunting the loco shed? Was he responsible for the hauntings reported in 1929? Does his restless soul still haunt the shed today?

Perhaps a visits to the abandoned shed will one day give us some more answers.

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
« Last post by KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 11:01:22 AM »
Here a picture of railway shed below?

Is it still haunted by the mysterious entity that haunted it in 1929?

Perhaps of an angry railway worker who died on the rail line, A poltergeist or a ghost of a angry ghost commuter await for eternity for a train that never comes?

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
« Last post by KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 10:55:35 AM »
In 1929 newspaper reports crept out about the haunting.

Casino and Kyogle Courier and North Coast Advertiser dated 17th of July reported the following story.

Glenreagh , has a ghost similar to other places which we read of recently. The playground of the spooky marauder is a small hut situated near the locomotive shed and sometimes occupied! by loco, men, who are away from home occasionally.

Now, however, the place is never slept in, owing to the occupants hearing uncanny 'noises and knocking on the walls throughout the night.

This has been going on for the past 12 months, and the hut became so famous that it was deserted at night. Recently it was occupied by a young man who was away from his home depot and was ignorant of its history.

Of course, no one put him wise, but just waited and speculated on the time he would remain there. He seemed all right after the second night, but the morning after the second night he was inquiring where he could borrow a gun. The third night did the trick, for next morning he was seen lumping his dunnage away from the place.

It was then learned that the ghost not only played its usual tricks, but enjoyed itself by snapping the door open after it had been fast with stout wire.

And so became the legend of the haunted railway hut known by the workers on the railway line.

Who are what was haunting this hut?

The story was in many of the newspapers of 1929 such as in Sydney morning herald below.

Australian Hauntings Portal / Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
« Last post by KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 10:41:00 AM »
Near the tiny village of Glenreagh there is an old locomotive hut built for railway workers now disused and abandoned. In fact it still exists awaiting those daring to find it. For most it is dilapidated timber shed with a corrugated tin roof. A relic of the days when trains used pass through here. While in daylight hours it seems like a sad abandoned bit of history. By night the shed was well known in the past for having a sinister reputation.

Railway workers on the line used the shed as lunch room come place to sleep at night. A refuge from the cold night air.....However the shed has some thing else in mind.

To be continued....

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: The Bollon light. Warwick: QLD
« Last post by KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 12:18:45 AM »
Hello Simon

To me regardless ghost stories is part of everyone's folklore.  In our modern 24 hours world of technology these stories are being forgotten? And for me that would be a tragedy because is a cold sterile world of rationalism is it not bad thing to wonder what if?

Hello Simon

Good point!

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