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Title: Haunted creek on the Burrowa road: Yass NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 20, 2020, 04:08:17 PM
Here is a story as reported in Goulburn Herald (NSW : 1881 - 1907), Friday 11 August 1899, page 4

On Thursday, 3rd August, a young man well known in town was engaged bygone of the Yass footballers to meet him at at a certain point on the Burrowa road about seven miles from Yass, with a fresh horse. The time appointed was 8 o'clock. As soon as night came on he made for the appointed spot where he arrived about the time promised and seeing what he thought was a paling fence, dismounted, tied his horse to a tree, and sat down with his back to the fence intending to wait until his friend arrived.

After waiting for about an hour and a half he began to feel lonely and cold, and was about to light a fire when all of a sudden his favorite dog "Chook," got very restless and commenced to howl piteously a kind of "shivery" howl. He at once recollected "what his old man had told him many a time," "that when a dog howls, somebody is going to die." He listened intently for the buggy containing the footballers, but instead of the buggy he could hear curious voices.

On  the other side of the fence which rather unnerved him. He quietly got up, and holding on by the fence gazed into the abyss of darkness where he could plainly "see things moving about;" plucking up courage he struck a match and looked over the fence, when, to his astonishment, he saw a grave and noticed that the fence he had been sit-ting against surrounded the grave. Almost paralyzed with fright, he commenced to make up his mind "to get," when the dog gave another '"shivery" howl, a kind of "shivery" howl that his owner had never known before, and then made a desperate rush and got behind his master!

This was sufficient for the young man who realized that the only chance he had was to mount his horse and make for the nearest house. In an instant that was accomplished and the rider dashed through the bush at full speed, almost breathless with excitement, and as he raced along he could feel like "something breathing warm" at the   back of his neck.

He urged his horse on and as he did so a large bough hanging from a tree brushed across his chest which made him think that the apparition had overtaken him, and he exclaimed in his excitement, "let me alone you or I ," and clapping the spurs into his horse he made for a light that he could see in a farmer's house some distance away.

For some time the light seemed to be going away from him, but still he urged his horse on until he reached the light when he jumped off and rushed into the house in a breathless state saying, "please let me sit at the fire until the Yass footballers come along." The farmer consented and it was some time before he could get the young man to tell him what was the matter.

At last he took the farmer into his confidence and told him of the dreadful experience he had had in a graveyard along the road, how the apparition had appeared to him, followed him along the road and had actually caught hold of him, and that he was sure his dog had seen it too for he made a rush and, oh, gave a terrible "shivery" howl, and his hair seemed turned the wrong way. "Do you think you can give me the strength of it?"

The farmer saw at once what was the matter and entertained the youth with thrilling accounts of the many murders that had been committed on the creek, and said that the place was haunted and it was a common thing to see ghosts.

In the course of an hour or two the footballers came along when he begged to be taken on in the buggy, which was done, and on the way into town related the terrible ordeal that he had gone through, when the footballers informed him that they all knew that the place was haunted, which caused the young man to swear that he would never again visit the haunted creek on the Burrowa road.

Title: Re: Haunted creek on the Burrowa road: Yass NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 20, 2020, 04:40:50 PM
Here is a picture of the site where the haunting took place. The grave is long gone now. What actually happened 121 years ago? Just imagination or some thing paranormal?

For those who cannot see the picture I suggest signing up to the forum.

Title: Re: Haunted creek on the Burrowa road: Yass NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 30, 2020, 07:48:44 PM
The ruins of the farm house the the rider fled to below.

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