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Title: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on March 31, 2020, 09:32:05 PM
When one thinks of ghosts we always tend to think of scary old buildings being haunted? We do not really think very common and familiar places can be haunted?

Even everyday places we would not give a second thought about.

But what about shopping malls? Not such a place one would suspect a place for a haunting?

However  there are stories of one such mall being allegedly haunted in Canberra? The Belconnen  Shopping mall?

To be continued ....

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on March 31, 2020, 10:21:26 PM
 There seems to be stories of strange encounters going back to 80's of strange encounters. It seems to come up in conversations every so often as like a urban legend told from a friend of friend.

There stories told security guards have seen it and it often hangs around the stairs at the lift in the centre stage area. Most are baffled and a little mysterious by such encounters. Afraid they would look or sound silly if they spoke out. But such women baffled by her encounter has no such fear in speaking out. "I know what I saw?" she repeated over and over.

Shirley Aston was a 67 grandmother at the time was shopping in the middle of the day in centure and it was busy as most malls around mid day are. While she confessed she is in poor health these days and suffers from diabetes and weight problems. However she still makes weekly trips from her home in Belconnen.

Well like many of us she was only doing a quick shop when she ended up buying more than expected and ended up carrying two heavy shopping bags because she at the time never thought she would need a shopping trolley?

How many of us have been caught out like that? Well Shirley struggled with the bags which was heavy and she confessed she was running out of puff and needed to sit down. More urgent she felt one of plastic bag handles starting stretch from the weight in the bad. She was in the center court near the stage area where there was some seats nearby.

Most seats was taken except on bench seat with one person on it a young man in his early 20's. By the way he was dressed he looked like a construction labourer or Tradie on a lunch break? She in fear her pasting bag was going to collapse and send all her shopping items over the floor she hurried to seat to put the shopping down.

In wobbling motion  to the seat with the threat of instant shopping Armageddon she looked at the young man that was sitting there motionless with sadness eyes intently staring at her?

His eyes so dark and empty stared deep into Shirley eyes like if he was knowing she could see him. For a second she realized his eyes was lifeless that stunned her.  A split second later her plastic bad gave away 3 metres from this you man. The groceries in the bag spilled out every. Shirley said "I had only taken my eyes off him in a blinking of any eye and he had vanished.

Of course several good Samaritans help pick up Shirley's way would shopping off the story. She was stunned and flustered at what she has just seen? Everyone else just thought she was flustered by her plastic bag of groceries that had given away?

Shirley claimed she was naturally upset by the encounter but not frightened but sure mystified. And adamant that she saw a ghost in the middle of a busy shopping mall that day.

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on March 31, 2020, 10:32:46 PM
Brian Fox a long time resident of area worked as security guard in the mid to late 80's in the shopping center. His encounter was just after closing time when he was out patrol and in the process of shutting the doors stepping into a lift to go to upper floor  he was surprised to see a young tradie standing in the lift? A little stunned he was about to say the shops closed. Before he could say it the lift door shut but reopened in a second there no one was inside.

That made the hairs on his neck stood up.

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on March 31, 2020, 10:48:21 PM
Another security guard from the 1990's was  walking through the mall checking to see if there was no wayward teenagers lurking about after hours on a Thursday night. Had all the fire exit doors burst open and close . Thinking it was juvenile delinquent hiding from him he entered the hall way of the exit. He saw the door open and close and the escape bar on the door moved like if there was some one pushing the door open.

Soon there was other stories started to emerge however the management staff  poo pooed the encounters and for bid the security firm to talk about it. Later it became with new management a source of amusement told to new security staff.

Was there a ghost haunting the mall?

I think I  know identity of the ghost and how he came to his untimely demise?

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on March 31, 2020, 11:00:33 PM
The Canberra times on the 5th of November 1977 ran the following story.

Regulations 'would have saved man'

If new safety regulations introduced by the ACT Electricity Authority on July, 1 had been enforced and safety electrical equipment installed at the Belconnen Mall construction site a fatal accident there would not have occurred,the Coroner, Mr Dainer, said yesterday.

Mr Dainer said this at the inquest into the death of Mr Paul Anthony Lancy, 23, labourer, of Page, in hospital on August 27. Police evidence was given that Mr Lancy had suffered an electric shock when trying to roll up a 100-metre cord attached to a cemcnt mixer.

Mr Lancy had taken hold of part of the cord where wire was exposed. The lead and been lying in puddles and mud. The chief installation inspector of the ACT Electricity Authority, Mr Allan Hemming said the lead could have been damaged by vehicles passing over it or bricks falling on it.

Safety regulations had been introduced on July I, but a six-month period of grace had been allowed before
people had been made to comply with them, Mr Hemming said. The regulations restricted extension leads to 36 metres. A piece of safety equipment which could have prevented the accident was a circuit breaker. Also, the addition of power outlets to reduce cords was a safety feature.

Mr Peter Bessey, at" the time a coordinator at the site, said he was surprised at the length of the cord which had electrocutcd Mr Laney. Also the cement mixer had been well away from the power outlet.
Mr Dainer said the role of circuit breaker referred to by Mr Hemming was most important.

Mr Laney had attempted to roll the cord starting at the unsafe end, nearest the concrete-mixer, instead of at the source of supply."... but that may be because perhaps he didn't know where the source of supply was", he said. Mr Dainer found that Mr Laney had died of cardiac arrest as a result of an
accidental shock sustained at the Belconnen Mall Site.

Is the ghost haunting the mall the ghost of Anthony Laney some how unable to pass over?

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: Simon2 on April 01, 2020, 08:17:10 AM
I started to tingle as I read your last post KANACKI. An electrical shock this great certainly would have killed the young worker but also "ejected" his spirit at the same time, which may lead the young man to think he was still "alive", but unsure what to do, but wander the Mall, looking for someone who not only "sees" him but can also "talk" to him and end his eternal plight, by moving his spirit on.

These stories always seem to sap my emotional energy KANACKI; sad, very sad. 
Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on April 05, 2020, 08:37:22 PM
Hello Simon

Well put! What I cannot understand  he later died in Hospital? Shouldn't he be haunting the hospital his place of death rather than the shopping center? But perhaps his spiritual body had already left his physical body before that body passed away?

Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: Simon2 on April 30, 2020, 10:59:30 AM
Good question KANACKI.

Sometimes when a large electrical surge goes through a person and it is in a certain range, a spirit can be just "thrown out of the physical body" at the time rather than waiting until the point of physical death.
Title: Re: The Mall ghost: Belconnen : ACT
Post by: KANACKI on May 17, 2020, 05:42:41 PM
Good point!

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