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Title: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on August 17, 2019, 05:51:51 PM
Since 1932 the Nowra Courthouse has had a series of hauntings. A registrar of the Court of Petty Sessions died in a room on the eastern side of the building. 

‘Les’ the ghost is said to take offence to people working outside of hours and will make its presence felt by the air becoming very cold and breezy. 
Another favourite annoyance of Les is turning lights on and off in the court room, magistrate’s office and judge’s chamber. Electricians never found a fault.

There was one district court judge Les didn’t like during the 1980s. Whenever the judge would enter the bathroom, Les would turn off the lights. The judge asked about getting an electrician in but no-one had the heart to tell him he just wasn’t liked by Les. There was nothing an electrician could do about that. 

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on August 17, 2019, 05:53:46 PM
Here is picture below of the old courthouse.

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Post by: Simon2 on August 30, 2019, 02:37:47 PM
Will there be any further information KANACKI?
Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on January 09, 2020, 09:26:39 PM
Hello Simon

It look at the front on the courthouse it was designed the arched doorway as a mouth and two windows as an eye. The designer used architecture to mirror local native customs of the great spirit snake as in creator myths. perhaps know Nowra has a large indiginous culture in a way of the locals getting respect for the law? Perhaps this triggered an environment for spirits to gather?

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: Simon2 on January 29, 2020, 09:13:12 AM
An interesting building design KANACKI, one that suits Les as well. LOL
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Post by: KANACKI on February 28, 2020, 10:58:21 AM
Hello Simon

That is just one hypothesis.

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Post by: Simon2 on March 06, 2020, 08:46:32 AM

Sometimes our first thought is the one to explore, but you are certainly correct that other avenues must be considered as and when they occur.

A philosophy which we need to maintain for all our investigations; great point KANACKI.
Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on March 06, 2020, 09:15:53 AM
Hello Simon how are you? I once read an interesting theory of sacred geometry  that buildings themselves can trigger depending on how they are designed negative and positive emotions. The Nowra court house has seen the best and worst of humanity pass through its doors and every else in between. The symbolism of the entrance appearing to be a great snake swallowing those who transcend the laws of civil society. Just like the rainbow serpent a creator god and also destroyer of those who broken the law. You enter into a place of judgement to decide you fate regardless of race and culture. In which no doubt the site become very charged with positive and negative emotions? It would be not beyond the realms of fate a dedicated worker obsessed in doing his job for so many years in such an environment has not passed over?

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: Simon2 on March 20, 2020, 10:05:14 AM
Hi KANACKI, I am wonderful thank you, which may sound strange in a time of Coronavirus and with it we see the worst in humanity overshadowing the best, which is out there in communities helping the elderly and needy.

Your commentary around "Sacred Geometry", reminds me of something I have been meditating on, that being the "unseen and seemingly immeasurable" DNA in all human beings.

Sometimes humans may see, read or hear a matter, which goes against all they believe in so they just shut it out and pretend it never happened and life gets back to normal, but it doesn't. Life can never be normal again. What we all don't realise is that there is a cost of trying to ignore something like this; what if you read something so fanciful, why now, why "me".

Sometimes "faith" is about the steps we take to ask and want answers to the why, the me, etc. and the detail will come, but we all must ask the questions first.

Sorry KANACKI, I hope you can understand my rambling above.

We are all the product of our past (DNA), which can impact us when we see a structure, place, or even a person, we become confused about why we are affected, but the answer is as you say tied up in human history before we are even born.
Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on March 27, 2020, 12:31:46 AM
Hello Simon

There has been proposed that  social conditioning has been passed  from parent to child. While one group of professionals claim children pick up on their parents phobia and then become the same. Others claim it genetic memory passed down through DNA from ancestors experiences?

For example my late wife was insanely afraid of spiders. My daughter grew up and became the same. My grand daughter  is exactly the same. Was the phobia passed on from some terrible incident in my late wife's ancestors and passed through DNA memory? Or is it from experiencing the reaction of the parent programming the survival mechanism memory of the child that the spider is dangerous some thing to be feared?

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on March 27, 2020, 12:41:03 AM
Hello Simon

Here is an interesting article

Are Humans Predisposed to Violence?

Are humans predisposed to violence? This has been a topic of debate amongst psychologists, criminologists and other scholars for quite some time now, but has become an even bigger controversial topic with the technological developments of PET scans and geneticist developments. Despite the fact that science has been able to show a plausible correlation between various genes and brain functions that may contribute to a human’s nature of violence; the controversial argument still remains split between those who believe and those who do not. However, if there is a connection between humans being predisposed to violence, then how can this be determined and what type of psychological factors apply to support or dispute the individual being predisposed to violence.

Background Information

For decades therapists and other researchers have devoted time and study into what causes individuals to be violent (Elson & Rowell, 2013). The evolution of this topic began as a look into ones violent tendencies and the how early researchers focused their theories based on physically characteristics and social status. However, with the advent of technology, geneticists and social observations, the study of humans being predisposed to violence has shifted to a more recent technological study (Elson & Rowell, 2013)

Aggressive Behavior and Genes

Genes and their plausible correlation associated with humans being predisposed to violence is considered a “hot topic” because of the recent advancements and developments with genes that are believed to cause violent tendencies (Girgorenko et al., 2010). One of the recent advancements has been the concept of heritability and familiarity that contain definitions of a certain phenotype that is believed to be associated with aggressive antisocial behavior (Girgorenko et al., 2010). This meta-analysis phenotype also argues the fact that not only can aggressive behavior be displayed, but also criminal delinquency and other criminal complexes as well (Girgorenko et al., 2010).

An argument to the theory of genes and if they impact certain criminal behavior is the challenge that has become evident as to how to target if the gene is an actual specific risk and if the correlation between analyzing different genes, that are thought to be attributed to violence and antisocial behavior is undoubtable a genetic risk and social factor (Girgorenko et al., 2010). Another argument to the relevancy of genes and their suspected correlation to humans being violent is that the majority of tests that have been conducted have been on test subjects that were exposed to “violent or nonviolent media by a random assignment” (Elson & Ferguson, 2013).

Brain Abnormalities in the Criminal Justice System

Criminologists and psychologists have been exploring the criminal patterns and researching if there is a correlation between individuals who commit crimes and if the reason behind these crimes is due to a brain abnormality. Some argue that certain criminal justice policies need to break through their past norms and conform to a more scientific approach when it comes to brain abnormalities and brain science (Admire & Mitchell, 2010). This notion has been argued due to the recent advancements of PET scans which explore blood flow in the brain and gauges the metabolism rates in different areas of the brain (Admire & Mitchell, 2010).

The criminal justice angle of the plausibility of humans being predisposed to violence bases a strong emphasizes on brain injuries and how brain injuries have the ability to alter a person’s behavior, or personality depending on the severity of the injury (Admire & Mitchell, 2010). The criminal justice theory also explores how various learning disabilities, and other impulses can impact an individual’s brain to where certain areas of the brain can cause an individual to have troubled judgment and predispose them to violent tendencies (Admire & Mitchell, 2010). However, due to the ethical and public policy that has been established through attrition in the court systems, this concept poses difficult reform, because of the traditional court proceedings that are already in place, as well as, the multitude of tax dollars that go into the justice system (Admire & Mitchell, 2010). There is also the concept of safety and if millions of tax dollars are being established into this system, then the public as well as law enforcement policies need to make the public feel they are safe and that the current system is effective (Admire & Mitchell, 2010).

Imaging and PET Scans

There have been a large amount of test and research proposals that have attempted to prove or disprove if individuals are predisposed to violence. However, few structural brain studies have been conducted that address anti-social personality disorder (Dolan, 2010). In Psychiatrist Dolan Mairead’s (2010) research he conducted brain imagining on individuals and discovered the individuals with anti-social personality disorder had on average a 20% smaller frontal lobe than the control test subjects (Dolan, 2010). The reason why this is significant is because of the frontal lobe being attributed to compulsive control and Dolan believing that if an individual contains a smaller frontal lobe, then they me be predisposed to aggressive behavior due to a lack of the individual being able to control their impulsive behavior (Dolan, 2010).

The use of PET scans in regards to viewing the different metabolic rates in the frontal lobe have also played a significant role, especially from defense attorneys who argue by means of different expert witnesses who attempt to explain that when a PET scan shows unusual activity in the frontal lobe, then the scanned individual may be unable to control their impulsive behavior (DeBenedictis, 1990). Though some may argue that some psychologists and researchers believing this theory, the legal system has not fully established this concept as credible, due to some arguing there is no exact way to determine exactly what portion of the brain controls exact human behavior (DeBenedictis, 1990).

Discussion on if Humans Predisposed to Violence
When it comes to the different theories associated with individuals being predisposed to violence, certain aspects may be plausible and some may be reaching. Psychologists and researchers attempt to reach for unreasonable social influences they deem plausible to cause a predisposed theory of violence. An example of this is how video games have become a major topic of concern and have led numerous researchers to believe that individuals who play video games are predisposed to violence simply by what video games they play. Though some video games may be considered displeasing, more neurological aspects go into one being predisposed to violence, rather than the video games they choose to play.

As brain imaging technology continues to advance some neuro-researches believe there is a higher probability of discovering a specific traits, or abnormality that may play a factor in determining an individual’s propensity for violence, but that nothing will ever be concrete. With the continuance and advancements of neuro-research, other significant discoveries will be made in regards to neuro repair from stroke and other brain injuries that may be now considered permanent. University College of the London Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience Department researchers Desmond, Pascual-Leone, and Walsh (2006) state there are currently many positive breakthroughs in brain scanning that target certain “brain manipulating techniques that are being developed that can repair previously “compromised components of neural circuits.” Many researchers argue that these breakthroughs in neuro scanning technology are paramount to finding plausibility if individuals are predisposed or not predisposed to violence.

If this is so then perhaps Fear and Phobia have developed from genetic conditioning?

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: Simon2 on April 01, 2020, 07:53:50 AM
I will enjoy reading the article you posted as I am researching this and the work by Sigmund Freud in relation to the levels of Ego; Ego, Super Ego and the ID. I remember reading about this in my late teens.

Thank you KANACKI.
Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 05, 2020, 06:28:14 PM
My pleasure  8)

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: Simon2 on April 30, 2020, 11:14:14 AM
Wonderful read KANACKI.

In February I started to read about neuroscience and last month about consciousness and what it details.

In both cases these studies border the paranormal world and both stop, rather than crossing over this border.

I wrote to both of these areas, thinking I had something they could use but, like always, no word yet.

These poor sciences don't necessarily want to know.

KANACKI, there is a "door" that I see between the physical and spiritual world but human's really don't want to open that door and enter a brave new world; but I still have time to remediate this situation.
Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 03, 2020, 01:14:20 PM
Hello Simon

In short Science has become the new religion of the developed world. However science in fact has its own failings of preconceived bias in the processing of data in regards to commercial and academic and egotistical issues.

Title: Re: Les the Courthouse ghost: Nowra NSW
Post by: Simon2 on June 16, 2020, 10:46:13 AM
Don't forget religious belief KANACKI which, added to what you have in your last Post, make up the "pillars" that keep the "door of greater knowledge" locked firmly for centuries.

I think, without exaggerating my own personal knowledge in, say the area of Human Consciousness, solve the current issues in a matter of months rather than years that the scientists have to go unaided.

You see the Paranormal is indeed a science, but one that is mainly experiential together with a basic knowledge of areas such as science, history, etc..

"One cannot be researched without the other", they never could and never will.
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