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Title: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 10:41:00 AM
Near the tiny village of Glenreagh there is an old locomotive hut built for railway workers now disused and abandoned. In fact it still exists awaiting those daring to find it. For most it is dilapidated timber shed with a corrugated tin roof. A relic of the days when trains used pass through here. While in daylight hours it seems like a sad abandoned bit of history. By night the shed was well known in the past for having a sinister reputation.

Railway workers on the line used the shed as lunch room come place to sleep at night. A refuge from the cold night air.....However the shed has some thing else in mind.

To be continued....

Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 10:55:35 AM
In 1929 newspaper reports crept out about the haunting.

Casino and Kyogle Courier and North Coast Advertiser dated 17th of July reported the following story.

Glenreagh , has a ghost similar to other places which we read of recently. The playground of the spooky marauder is a small hut situated near the locomotive shed and sometimes occupied! by loco, men, who are away from home occasionally.

Now, however, the place is never slept in, owing to the occupants hearing uncanny 'noises and knocking on the walls throughout the night.

This has been going on for the past 12 months, and the hut became so famous that it was deserted at night. Recently it was occupied by a young man who was away from his home depot and was ignorant of its history.

Of course, no one put him wise, but just waited and speculated on the time he would remain there. He seemed all right after the second night, but the morning after the second night he was inquiring where he could borrow a gun. The third night did the trick, for next morning he was seen lumping his dunnage away from the place.

It was then learned that the ghost not only played its usual tricks, but enjoyed itself by snapping the door open after it had been fast with stout wire.

And so became the legend of the haunted railway hut known by the workers on the railway line.

Who are what was haunting this hut?

The story was in many of the newspapers of 1929 such as in Sydney morning herald below.

Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 11:01:22 AM
Here a picture of railway shed below?

Is it still haunted by the mysterious entity that haunted it in 1929?

Perhaps of an angry railway worker who died on the rail line, A poltergeist or a ghost of a angry ghost commuter await for eternity for a train that never comes?

Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 06, 2019, 11:56:29 AM
The question remian who was this alleged ghost that haunted the loco shed?

The following newspaper  Clarence and Richmond Examiner dated Thursday 5th June 1913

Drowning Fatality at Glenreagh.

The sad drowning accident which befell the unfortunate young man James Watt, a native of Scotland, on Friday morning,caused a feeling of dire sympathy through out the district, especially those engaged
on the local railway construction works,where the deceased was employed.

Although a diligent search was made, it was not until early on Sunday morning that the body was recovered some distance from where the accident occurred, and in about 25 feet of water. The body was removed to the local hotel, where the usual police formalities were conducted by Senior Constable Pritzler and Constable Muggleton.

The funeral took place on Monday morning, and was an exceptionally large one. Over 50 men, representing the differ-ent gangs on the Clenreagh-Grafton railway section, marched to the graveside of their fallen comrade, while the residents were fully represented, and showed their kindly feeling by floral tributes and practical assistance.

The Rev. E. S. Henderson (Presbyterian), Coramba, officiated at the graveside, and on concluding the burial
service made feeling references to the deceased, and his sorrowing relatives and friends in his native land. Amongst the wreaths sent were : From the school children of Glenreagh, his comrades on the line,

Mr. and Mrs. H. Gillard, Mr. and Mrs. R.Crabbe and family, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ellem and family, the police, Messrs. Goodwin and Ellem, Mr. and Mrs. William Nicholson, Mr. and Mrs. W. Matson, Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Gordon, and Mr. and Mrs. Tonks and family.

Was or is the restless spirit of James Watt who drowned in 1913 haunting the loco shed? Was he responsible for the hauntings reported in 1929? Does his restless soul still haunt the shed today?

Perhaps a visits to the abandoned shed will one day give us some more answers.

Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: Simon2 on August 29, 2019, 01:05:52 PM
Apologies KANACKI, but I haven't been unable to get any energies of the Shed or the person that died while swimming.

Is there any further information to add KANACKI?
Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: KANACKI on January 09, 2020, 10:03:09 PM
Hello Simon

The hunting was in 1928. The haunting may not even be active today?

Title: Re: Haunted Loco shed: Glenreagh NSW
Post by: Simon2 on January 29, 2020, 09:31:21 AM
Unless the Spirit was helped by someone, with the appropriate knowledge, to move into the Spirit Realm, it should still be where it was encountered in 1928, as Spirits cannot, by themselves, physically move.

Spirits who haunt think they still exist in the physical world. It is an eternal prison, this is why I and others need to continue our work in helping these lost Souls move to the Spirit Reals, where they belong.
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