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Title: The 4th Quadrant - End-Game V2.0.doc
Post by: Simon2 on May 01, 2018, 04:32:13 PM

No wonder Members could not find my Paper on the Cycle Of The Human Race, as the Paper was, as you can see named, "The 4th Quadrant - End-Game" and dated 20 February 2014.

Those were the days when I wrote "Papers", which was, I must admit now, a bit much, but I did enjoy it at the time!!

The internet sites "do not work" in the fashion they should have, so you will need to copy the Internet Address then copy and run on your Computers Internet , etc..

Presented a second time, due to the "high demand" ROFL.

Title: Re: The 4th Quadrant - End-Game V2.0.doc
Post by: Christine on May 28, 2018, 02:06:24 PM
Very good read Simon. So much stems from mankind's inability to control their emotions.
Title: Re: The 4th Quadrant - End-Game V2.0.doc
Post by: Simon2 on May 29, 2018, 01:05:25 PM
Christine, very true but yet this world is being led in various ways, something that has never changed since the Homo Sapien race started to work its way up the food chain until it became Number One.

It appears that everyone in positions of power has failed to follow the works of Sigmund Freud, except the terrorists and Countries being controlled by the Quran; once again interpreting this "Bible" as it suits those in charge.

I guess I have always thought and later, made my thoughts quite clear about this world, which I have never liked in all of my incarnations.

The Homo Sapiens no longer have a right to rule this world as over each Century this planet is getting worse, in relation to the destruction of the planet in one form or another.

I just hope that I do not come back to this world after this life ends.
Title: Re: The 4th Quadrant - End-Game V2.0.doc
Post by: KANACKI on November 03, 2018, 11:54:03 PM
Hello Simon funny you should say this because many think the same. Sadly we are all good and evil? One cannot exist with out the other.

Humans in essence are nothing more than pack animals.

We evolved from a hunter and gatherer killing is a primeval part of us as well as nurturing. For thousands perhaps million of years males was bred for violence. The strong conquered the weak. The strong mated. The weak withered and died in servitude because they was not aggressive enough. Women are attracted to bad boys because they will always survival instinct is the strongest.

As so we evolved into collected societies, we had kings and queens rulers in place in which they are the most ruthless. centuries past and now they are politicians heading vast governments with weapons of war. But the primeval instinct are still there. To be beautiful and strong is to be successful. That is why you see women trying make themselves more attractive as it instinct going back to days of pack animals.

This instinct regardless of if we like it or not Is part of us all. We have only developed as we are now because of war murder and conflict. If it was'nt for that we would not of evolved at all we would be eating grass.

While this age in life I can myself look around with distaste at the world evil and where its going. I know civilizations come and will go. But life will move on perhaps in a different form. I use to worry about where mankind is heading? 2012, year 2000 bug etc....

Now  the cynical side of old age tell me most likely those old primeval instincts will take hold and some one somewhere will press the button and its all over regardless of if I worry or not?

So for me I console myself however evil mankind may be there are brief moments when we can collectively do wonderful things also. It is with that faint hope that humanity is all it vice and weakness evolves. Regardless if I am in the next life or not?

Title: Re: The 4th Quadrant - End-Game V2.0.doc
Post by: Simon2 on November 12, 2018, 11:34:13 AM
I understand where you are coming from KANACKI; ".... Evil exists, so that Good can come forth and reduce this Evil".

Good cannot exist without Evil also existing. There must be a balance between Good and Evil.

Currently we are fighting a "high rate of Evil" and to ensure we have the "Positive" Spiritual Level, necessary to bring the "Balance between Good and Evil", quickly.

This battle continues in the Spiritual World; sorry KANACKI.

The good thing is that there are "Unique" Spirits in the Physical and Spiritual Worlds, who fight to maintain the balance between Good and Evil.
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