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Title: Physical Attachments
Post by: Flutterbit on June 09, 2005, 01:05:55 AM

I've been considering, just today, the theory that some hauntings are specifically due to a spirits attachment to aspects of their physical life?  Their bodies, for example - perhaps that is why cemetaries are often a place of paranormal activity.  Then there are certain objects that seem to be haunted, such as a locket, a pair of shoes or even a wardrobe.

Of course we cannot forget emotional attachments.  If a spirit has suffered a particularly horrible or shocking death they appear to get "stuck", as it were, in the moments of that death - often repeating those moments uninterrupted for any length of time.  At other times spirits seem to hang around those they loved in life.

Comments, thoughts....

Title: Attachments
Post by: Christine on June 09, 2005, 12:40:35 PM
Hi Flutterbit,
I think you are absolutely correct in saying that a spirit is often very connected to the material possessions of this plane.  A discarnate entity can be so attached to an earthly possession or person that it does not want to leave the earth plane. The emotional bond may be so strong to a former dwelling or loved one that the spirit refuses to move into the light.

Material possessions may have been very important to a person in his or her physical life without having any regard for spirituality. Holding onto those physical possessions may still be the driving force in the next dimension; thus contributing to the spirit condition we call haunting. It is more difficult for some people to let go of attachments than others. This difficulty is carried over into the spirit world. I also think this excessive attachment to the material world may interfere with the spirit making a smooth transition to the light.

The need to communicate a message or the need of the discarnate entity to be aware of the spiritís family on earth adjusting to its death may keep the spirit earth bound as well. Once the spirit acknowledges that the family is adjusting to the new conditions, the spirit will usually move on to the light but will then have the ability to check in on loved ones . Once in the light, the spirit may also have the ability to help loved ones on the earth from that new perspective.

A discarnate entity may stay earth bound and become part of the haunting phenomenon because it is confused by its non-physical condition. Confusion occurs because the person was not prepared to make the transition.

The most common reason for not being prepared for the transition is sudden death. Sudden death would include tragic accidental deaths like car accidents, murders or sudden illness with a short period of knowledge or no knowledge as well as some suicides.  I think that the real purpose for illness is to prepare a person for this transition. Illness is not a punishment, but a process to help make us make a smooth transition to the next dimension.

It makes sense to me that someone who was very materially driven on this plane, who worked hard for all of their material wealth may be reluctant to pass them on and therfore decide to stay with their 'things'

Title: Physical Attachments
Post by: catseyes on June 20, 2005, 02:38:14 PM
It maybe that a spirit that is confused about what is going on may hold onto material possessions or people, as a form of security, or to 'feel safe'
Title: Familiar
Post by: Christine on June 20, 2005, 02:48:47 PM
Hi Catseyes,
I think that is true as well. There is a feeling of familiarity to their belongings so they feel more normal if they stay with their things I guess.
There are lots of stories about haunted objects so I think it is plausible. Some of the haunted objects on ebay are a bit suspect I think, but I do believe there are genuinely haunted items.
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