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Title: Forum issues
Post by: Christine on October 15, 2017, 11:28:20 AM
Hi everyone,

over the past few weeks we have had some issues with the forum and we apologise for the downtime. Firstly my credit card was compromised and the payment for the servers in America failed. Then the forum software itself has broken a few times and lastly the servers overseas have had issues. Our wonderful techie has patched things up and put bandaids on everything. It is currently being held together by strings and mirrors.

We have decided to upgrade our forum software starting from scratch. So it will  have a whole new skin (look) and will be responsive on mobile phones as this one is too old and isn't. It will mean a whole new installation and a lot of work, but we think it is for the best. Secondly, we have decided to change the configuration of our servers stateside.

These upgrades won't happen overnight, but they will be happening soon. We believe the fact we will be upgrading to a responsive website will mean we can contribute to the forum using phones which should increase people's activity on the forum, including my own.

Thank you for your continued patience and your continued support. The past few years we have seen a downturn in activity on the forum. Facebook is partially to blame and I think the other factor is that I started uni and a business and had less time to spend on here. Hopefully, these long-needed upgrades will breathe some fresh life into the forum.

Thank you

Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: Simon2 on October 16, 2017, 10:39:31 AM
Hi Christine, very sorry to hear about all the issues; hopefully with all the changes we will have, as you indicated, a more up-to-date and reliable system.

Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: violet on October 16, 2017, 06:03:18 PM
Exciting news, Christine. I'm really glad this website, which has a special place in my heart, is getting a reno. It's an extraordinary resource and I've met some tremendous people here. I'd love to meet some of the newer people one day too. Agree, having smart phone compatibility will make it more accessible so we might see more activity from old and new members.
Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: Christine on October 16, 2017, 07:33:25 PM
I love it too thanks Violet. I have neglected it recently though.
Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: Simon2 on October 18, 2017, 01:52:59 PM
Christine, it wasn't neglect, but rather issues that needed your full attention. Hope you are feeling better.
Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: KANACKI on October 18, 2017, 10:01:52 PM
Hello Christine

It exciting to read on an up grade coming to you wonderful website Forum. It the premier Australian paranormal forum now and it can only get better.

No apologies needed for you not spending as much time as you like on the forum. Juggling University and a business is very time consuming. I have gone through that myself a years ago. So I fully understand how time poor things get.

Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: Baggy on October 19, 2017, 02:25:05 PM
Hi Christine I agree that Facebook has had an effect on a lot of forums. I still like to pop in to check up on everyone :) the phone thing will definitely help with that. You do a great job and have such a busy life and we all appreciate it.
Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: bronwyn on October 20, 2017, 12:09:38 PM
Hi Christine.thankyou & other administrators for startung & upkeep of this site. It is a great resource i believe. Facebook os one reason for not as much interaction. I for one use Facebook a lot for my physic connections/interactions.But i also like this format so hopefully the upgrade will do what you wish it to do.
Thankyou so much for the work you have invested in this.
Title: Re: Forum issues
Post by: Simon2 on October 28, 2017, 11:28:30 AM
I must bow my head in shame (LOL), as I recently had a problem getting into the site this week and thank's to Christine's efforts, as you can all see, I am now back; a somewhat chaste Simon.
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