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Title: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on March 07, 2016, 10:51:21 PM
If you are ever  travelling around the abandoned gold claims up around Warrego way just outside of Tennant Creek you might stumble upon  the spectre of an old miner by the name of Mad Mick, or so its been said.

Although gold was found in the ranges close to Tennant Creek but it was not until 1932 when local indigenous man Frank Juppurla found a sizable amount of gold that one of Australia's last great gold rushes began.

Within a matter of months the local population grew to about 600 people, a majority men who were to find and make their claims in the gold fields. In 1934 the Tennant Creek Hotel was built and three years later a bakery and cafe were opened, creating some semblance of a settlement.

The gold rush lasted for about ten years before a majority of the gold mines closed down in 1942. Although there was still gold present the extraction of gold was a too costly consuming process for the price of gold at the time, and soon many mines closed. The mine that remained was a large one capable of doing all its own crushing on site, besides this there were a number of men alone or in groups mining their own small claims.

About thirty years later  the infamous 'Mad Mick'. Mick was a miner employed by the Peko Wallsend Mining Company in the 1970's. He was described as probably being of Eastern European heritage and his English was hard to understand.

One Day Mick came across a large nugget of gold in the fields and soon took out a miners lease and started working on his own. Although many people knew where Mick was working, no one would dare approach as Mick had a habit of firing off his gun as a warning to keep far away. This along with his fast paced broken English speaking earned him the name 'Mad Mick'.

It has been claim that some time in 1980's that a man went missing out near Mad Micks claim. Although people searched for the missing man it was not until a few years later that his body was discovered. A short while later it was noted that Mick had not been heard firing his gun for a while or been to the local general store for supplies. Mick had disappeared missing after having worked his claim alone for ten years.

Police searched extensively over the course of a week for Mick but he was never found, his Four Wheel Drive still located at his shack. The disappearance is a complete mystery that is still talked about today.

Mad Micks shack still exists today. Some locals warn of never to enter the little abandoned home even if it looks like rain is coming in as its alleged to be haunted. Strange wailing sounds have been heard coming from the shack as has the clattering of metal tools.

The locals have two or three theories about the ghost of Mad Micks Shack: one, that Mad Mick disappeared into an abandoned mine shaft or had one of his own shafts cave in on him or two (and more disturbing) that Mad Mick found the missing man a little too close to his claim, killed him and when the body was discovered years later made a mad run from town, the dead mans ghost remains haunting the area?

Or maybe it is all just some thing else? Perhaps a night in mad Mick's shack will make up your mind?

Title: Re: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on March 08, 2016, 08:46:06 PM
One thing I ave come to appreciate about Australian Ghost stories they come all walks of life from many different eras and culture.

It is not hard to see a man tormented loneliness, and having language difficulties living in a most isolated of places slowly going insane through obsession of finding gold. Most immigrants have big dreams when they come to Australia. Many make a success of themselves? By others due to various reasons fail. Mad mick may be a case in question.

Did he find gold and cleared out back to his home country? or did he die a slow death trapped in his mine buried in the tomb of perhaps broken dreams?

Title: Re: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on March 09, 2016, 10:23:05 PM
Of course does the restless spirit of Mad Mick still haunt the shack?

If so what terrible secret keeps him earth bound?

Title: Re: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on March 09, 2016, 10:50:45 PM
Ironic that today fossikers are finding gold around mad Micks shack on regular basis. Is the alleged ghost upset that his lease is open to anyone considering he defended his turf  for a long decade or so?

Of course many questions and so little answers. But if I was passing through I would be tempted to visit Mad Micks shack.

Title: Re: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on September 04, 2016, 02:38:37 PM
This story is one of the classic ghost stories connected with the top end of Australia and worthy of being added to our wild and woolly folklore of haunted Australian places.

Title: Re: The Ghost of Mad Mick Tenant Creek NT
Post by: KANACKI on October 16, 2021, 11:19:22 PM
Be careful wandering around old Mad Micks place? He might come and get you!

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