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Title: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2019, 10:40:55 PM
Norfolk Island some 1600 odd kilometers off the New South Wales Town of Port Stephens has a dark and haunted history deeply connected to first settlement and the convict settlements of port Arthur and Hobart. It has a long history of tragedy murderer and mystery.

Measuring only 34.6sq km, this South Pacific wonder is said to be the most haunted place in Australia, with more documented ghosts per square kilometre than any other state or territory. Norfolk Island is wildly picturesque and ruggedly remote, and attracts 30,000 visitors annually.

Its lonely walks, deserted beaches, chilling graveyard headstones and eerie ruins are enough to give anyone the creeps especially after nightfall.

The Western Star newspaper in Roma dated September 23, 1939, reported in an article on the Ghosts of Norfolk Island that among the ruins and in some of the buildings of the convict era, wandering spirits had made friends with some of the residents of the time.

"Quality Row, where most of the official houses stand, has its eerie tales," the report noted.

"Soldiers in the colourful uniforms of old and Empire-gowned and crinolined ladies are said to have revisited their old homes, and the clanking of the chain gangs is held to re-echo at times."

The commandant, Lieutenant Philip Gidley King, arrived with a skeleton crew of seven free men and 15 convicts to make masts and sails from the Norfolk pines and flax for British ships, and prevent the French from laying claim to the island.

As the island of the damned increased its convict population, and fertile soils saw crops prosper, Norfolk's role changed to feeding a starving Sydney settlement and providing a labour camp for the worst of its criminals.

But by 1814, the once-thriving settlement of more than 1000 had outlived its purpose. Buildings were razed or taken down stone by stone to make the island less hospitable for passing ships and escaped convicts.

The old capital, Kingston, rose from the dead with the second penal settlement (from 1825 to 1855).It was where the worst felons were sent, by order of the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane.

In this new hell in paradise, conditions were inhumane in the extreme. Heavy chains were the norm. Torture, lashings and solitary confinement were common for petty misdemeanours, and hard labour meant hard labour with the scarcest of food rations as sustenance.

A stroll through the island cemetery today sends a shiver through any spine with inscriptions in black and white telling of sorry ends through murder, execution, and drowning.

Conditions was so harsh that convicts drew straws to see who was to be murdered so the murderers could be hung. As suicide was seen as more evil than murder and bodies could not be buried in hallowed ground.

To be continued....

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2019, 10:54:31 PM
Another story of murder and misery relates to a bridge called the "The bloody Bridge " One of the convict overseers was cruel sadist and took extreme delight in flogging the convicts with a cat o mine tails. Such was his enthusiasm he dish out punishment over trivial matters, that made life unbearable for convicts.

 During the building of the bridge a work gang murdered their overseer and walled him up in the bridge. The next day the replacement overseer saw blood oozing from the mortar...And the perpetrators was caught and executed.

A picture of the bridge can been seen below. Incidentally the bridge is still used today making it one of the oldest bridges in Australia. However on cold dark nights as the moon rises over the eastern horrifying a strange figures can be seen moon light, Some say its the tormented soul of the overseer seeking forgiveness for his evil ways.

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2019, 11:06:56 PM
Another story centres around a building called Limerick cottage.

In the famous Pine Avenue stands an old stone cottage generally known as the Limerick Cottage. This cottage is one of the best-known "haunted"places in the island, and, should you visit it. the present owners will show you over it and entertain you with stories of the ghost.

In 1832, the story is told, William Henry Tennison Pery, grandson of the then Earl of Limerick, landed in Sydney. For a short while he occupied the position of Clerk to the Post Office,and was then sent by Governor Bourke to Norfolk Island as clerk to the commandant, Major Anderson. The young
man was probably unaware that a letter went with him from the Governor to the commandant instructing the latter "to keep a tight rein" on his new clerk, who had had "a wild record at home."

Whether because of the tight rein or not, the new clerk seems to have satisfactorily fulfilled his duties, and
six years later he married Susannah, daughter of Lieutenant William Sheaffe of the 50th Regiment. The
young couple set up housekeeping in Limerick Cottage, the residence provided by the Government. Here their son,who was later to become the third Earl of Limerick, was born.

In 1841 Susannah Pery died, and her remains lie in the old cemetery at Kingston, with a gravestone bearing the customary record of her virtues. Her husband found assuagement for his grief
less than a year later when he married Margaret Jane, daughter of Captain Nicholas Horsley of the 96th

The ghost story is based on idle gossip, which had absolutely no evidence to support it. The tombstone records that she died "Fifteen days after giving birth lo it daughter.'' But the story persisted that on certain nights every year faint moans and strangled coughs as of someone choked or being choked
are heard.

Was it just idle gossip or some thing more darker and sinister?

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on June 08, 2019, 01:33:38 AM
There is a lane of island. An old avenue of spooky trees. Some islanders claim in dead of night you can hear the clinking of a chain gang walking along the road. In daylight hours on quite still day you can see the leaves rustle some invisible person is walking through them.

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on June 16, 2019, 12:56:06 AM
Another ghost is allegedly of a Soldier who married a female convict.

Sarah was tried and convicted at the Old Bailey on 2nd April 1788 for feloniously stealing, two silk handkerchiefs, and 8 yards of ribdelure, sentenced to transportation for 7 years. Left England on 29th July 1788. On the Ship the Lady Juliana which sailed with 226 female convicts on board of which 5 died during the voyage. She arrived in fledgling colony of Sydney in 1790.

Later that year in 1791 was sent to Norfolk Island. Little is known about her except she married soldier James Lee and had two children. She had just become pregnant with her second child to James when he drowned on 25th December 1795. Some speculate this drowned Soldier haunts the small beach on the island?

It is said she weeped bitterly at the loss of her husband. Sarah died on 10th October 1804 on Norfolk Island 9 years later.....

Strange footsteps have been known to be found on the beach at first light only to be washed away by the tide. While for some its just the left over foot prints of some ones midnight walk? Other are adamant no one had been on the beach the night they appeared? Was it the ghost of the drowned solder James Lee trying to walk home to his wife and child?

Perhaps a walk on dark side?

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: Simon2 on July 03, 2019, 03:46:59 PM
KANACKI, in the words of Oliver Twist, "..I want more please..". LOL
Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 04, 2019, 10:02:59 AM
Near the old jail a grisly event takes place on one day of the year in early morning darkness just before a thunderstorm. It has not as far as It has been Known played or happened as late. But was known to the very old islanders that experienced a ghostly scene.

A solider arguing with convict over claims the convict was having an affair with soldiers wife. The soldier pointed his musket at the convict and shot him dead. The apparitions after the shot of the gun would vanish. Usually in a thunderclap. Just a ghost story?

In 1811 at 4am December 31st John Shea jealous that his wife was having an affair with  William Maher, a convict shot him dead in front of the guard house of Jail. This terrible event was witness by the town constable and a solider from the 73rd regiment, a private by the name of William Paterson.

 John Shea was taken to Sydney tried and executed for murder. Since that time on the last day of year if the weather is stormy in early hours of the morning of December 31st in front of the ruins of the old jail this ghostly scene gets re enacted.....

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: Simon2 on July 04, 2019, 10:50:55 AM
Amazing, tale KANACKI, perhaps a holiday to Norfolk Island is in order for me within next 12 months hopefully.

It must teeming with opportunities to help Spirits return to the Spirit World, wow!!
Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on July 05, 2019, 11:53:37 PM
Hello Simon

Norfolk Island you can feel the history in every footstep. While it has many stories of pain and torment there is also stories of light and redemption. An Amazing place if you get to visit.

Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: Simon2 on August 15, 2019, 03:39:55 PM
Thank you KANACKI for allowing us access to so many Australian Ghost stories as each one gives us a more richer experience, that is on our very own doorstep.
Title: Re: The Wandering Spirits of Norfolk island: NSW
Post by: KANACKI on August 17, 2019, 05:23:50 PM
Hello Simon its my pleasure sharing these stories.

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