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Title: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 18, 2015, 02:15:52 PM
The ghosts of bloody mile.

Special thanks to Bronwyn in reminding me of interesting story.

No one is quite sure when the stretch of road between Dunmore and Minamurra became known as a murder mile? Some times quoted as “The bloody mile”. For much blood has been spilled either through murder, suicide or violent accident. Can certain areas of the world tend to attract the sad fate of misery and death more than others? Can remnants of traumatic past event repeat itself and perhaps cause others?

Questions to ponder while we explore the history of the area. Area itself in question is rather longer than the punned Mile, About mile and half. The Bloody mile is generally with in the now disused Dunmore train crossing in the North to Minamurra train Station in the South with Bridge crossing the Minamurra river almost in the centre.

The early inhabitance of this mysterious continent, the local Wadi Wadi tribe in their Dharawal lanuage “Mem mora” meaning plenty of fish. Its was the old aboriginal trails indeed that was first explored used by cedar getters and and later colonial settlers that opened up the region. The crossing point of the Minimurra river was for thousands of year in very spot where the bridge is today.

The first traumatic event that was recorded on the land near where Dunmore house sits today. Its was on farm called Marks Farm. Which covered originally a large part of Jamberoo. In May 1836 James Tobin was arrested for the murder of his Convict overseer Robert Fox with and Axe. Tobin claimed Fox was killed by Bush rangers. However the murder weapon was found near Tobin's hut.

Tobin was charged and found guilty of smashing in the head of Robert Fox and sentenced to death. On his day of execution he still declared his innocence but resigned to his fate. Tobins body was then cut up by medical students in dissection and parts of his body can still be found today preserved in glass jars in the medical collage in Sydney. Some claim as long as his body is not allowed rest in a proper grave the place of where he lived and worked will always be stained with tragedy.

In 1st of April or there about William Gard drowned at crossing point of the Minamurra river. His death was reported in Sydney Morning herald of 1853.

The most disturbing was the horrible murder committed by a women by the name of Ellen Flynn in  January 1861. She was living with her sister Ann White in a house on the southern end of Minamurra bridge. In heat of summer Ann was sick and Had only given birth to newborn not long. Her sister for some reason snapped one morning and took the baby and cut up the child into pieces was walking around holding a little pair of severed legs saying to her sister the mother of the baby “ Look I am a Butcher now” Ellen Flynn was taken away to Parramatta Asylum where she spent the rest of her days. The original house where these events happened all sad and abandoned could still be seen until it was torn down in the early 1870's

In 1894 a man by the name Martin travelling south found a riderless horse eating grass at the front gate of Dunmore house owned at the time by Mr Fuller. On proceeding further south he found the body of man on his back with outstretched arms sticking up on the bridge. It was discovered that dead man was 30 years old and was a farmer by the name of John Mc Encros of Dunmore with a young family. He had been returning at night across the bridge when some thing spooked the horse throwing him backwards head first onto the bridge fracturing his skull where he died with outstretched arms sticking up. The question remain who or what spooked the horse?

1895 was a rather fatal year as 6 people drowned in river near the bridge when their little boat was swamped. 3 of the bodies never recovered.

 In 1898 a Mrs McLaughlin had either fallen to her death or committed suicide? Her body was found near the creek leading into the river.

In 1909 a headless body decomposed was found in swamp between the railway line and road. The head was found meters away. There was a abandoned  swag found at Minamurra railway station. But it was a mystery how the body got so far away from the train line?

In 1912 or there about 4 men was killed and six injured in quarry at Minamurra when a rock wall collapsed. One of the survivors who was still so distressed by the incident that...2 weeks later Granger Eyles jumped into the path of an oncoming train a Minamurra railway station and was cut to pieces. His body littered the track from Minamurra to Dunmore.

During WW1 in 1916, Mrs Lambert riding home in a horse and buggy struck a rock or bump in road in front of Gate of Dunmore House and was thrown unhurt. Unfortunately the baby she was holding was tossed from her arms and struck a rock on the side of the track killing the baby instantly.

Eugene Shaw in 1922 fell of train unnoticed and some somehow fell under the wheels and was cut in half. The headless body torso was caught in the cow catcher  by second train heading south in front of the train slowing slicing off piece by piece.

In 1924 William Murray a shell shocked veteran of WW1 snapped after a heavy night of drinking in Shellharbour at a dance, while walking home through Dunmore  murdered George Simpson on claim that Simpson had been rude to his wife. Murray had slit the throat of Simpson and tossed the body into some lantana. The throat was severed so much it had almost decapitated Simpson, except for a tiny flap if skin on neck holding the head to the body.

William Murray was tried and convicted of Murder. He was condemned to death, however his execution was commuted to life imprisonment on appeal because of his service and post traumatic stress.

In the 1920s the first solid reports of a haunting became public. There were others of course. Mostly known to families of locals who had experience strange things there. Tommy Dion a Chinese Australian used to drive a bus a night to Kiama. Passing through Dunmore near the gate he encountered a strange headless ghost on several occasions. Eventually he sold that bus run to an other company as he was afraid to stop there at night.

On April 1931 a 25 year old man by the name of Joseph Penny ran his motorcycle head on with another. The result of the impact crushed the throat of Joseph and he died near the southern part of the Bridge at Minamurra.

In 1932 Frank Smith Aged 20 unemployed in the great depression of the 1930,s and was camping near the southern end of the Bridge. He claimed he heard during the night screaming and baby crying and house was on fire in which he tried to rescue the child. Frank Smith was found I the morning in a tent with his hand was so badly burned that his fingers on one of his hands was burnt off. The trouble was there was no house fire and where he got burned was a mystery. Frank could not tell much more of the event as the shock had cut in and died from his injuries later that day.

On the 24th of March 1949, a 27 year old man by the name of  Neville William Fielding with his father William Henry Fielding was travelling south along the princes Hwy at Dunmore near Dunmore House. When they drove up the back of broken down truck driven by 19 year old  Kevin McCormick. The truck hazard lights was left on. How Neville a father of two children never say it was a mystery?

The years went on and as you can see over time the Bloody mile began to get a reputation by the local population. As the old Shellharbour Minamurra dirt swamp road became by passed by the princess Hwy that still passed the front gates of Dunmore house the fatalities still added to its deadly toll.

Most notable around 1978. And old boss of mine. One of nicest people you could meet, had a life of sheer tragedy. On returning home from holiday on the South Coast with his wife and two kids in the car heading north just past the Minamurra bridge. His wife was driving chatting away and accidentally run up the back of a truck that had some log protruding over the back of the truck. His wife was decapitated as the log came through the windscreen leaving the son in the back seat with his dead mother head in his lap. Tragic as that was a few years later his daughter died of breast cancer and his son perhaps haunted by that terrible accident, Killed himself  by blowing himself up with explosiveness in a flat in Warrawong with his wife and son. Strange enough less tragic accident with truck was than 20 odd metres from you guess it the gates of Dunmore house. Over time being  at the time one busiest road with all the traffic from the south coast passing by there was several other tragic accidents near the same spot. Road modification over time reduced accidents but they still kept happening.

In late 1980's and early 1990's there was a body of murdered prostitute found rolled up in a carpet dumped in the swamp that was never fully solved. In mid 1990s body parts of male turned up around the southern highlands and Illawarra Kiama Dunmore area. A kid with his father dumping rubbish at the Kiama dump that is across the road from Dunmore house saw a severed head in the garbage. Before it could be retrieved the bulldozer had tipped tons of rubbish over it. Despite frantic efforts by police to recover the head nothing was found.

Today the new free way bypasses the old second of the Princes Highway. The original track is now a public footpath through the swamp. The newer old prices Highway is an access road for resident of Minamurra, Kiama Downs residents and is much quieter these days.

Stories about some encounters are perhaps just urban myths created around real events. One such can was cyclist riding through the swamp a night saw a black misty blob of shape floated between the trees and across his path only to vanish. Needless he did not stick around to find out what it is. Other claimed that walking the path of the old original cart road which is now a public footpath saw in distance a person indistinct that vanishes on approach. A camper who stayed at the rest stop was awakened late at night by a scream and a baby crying on leaving his camper van he claim he had saw a horse galloping up the road with no rider disappearing at the gate of Dunmore house.

And Dunmore house itself has a few stories itself as the ballroom it has been claimed to have a ghost. However the epicentre of supernatural activity is by Far along the road and not the house itself. The long history of murder and traumatic death has indeed etched in its self in local environment and into local lore itself. And perhaps a serious contender of one most haunted locations in Australia ?

Bust most of all one can see why it is aptly named “The bloody mile.”

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 18, 2015, 02:52:11 PM
Here is some pictures of the site along the Bloody mile.

Today the original cart road is now a footpath going through the swamp. It was here half way along the path that body of the prostitute was rolled up in a carpet was dumped in 1990's. It was along here the baby that was thrown for the buggy at the turn of the century. The old prices hwy looking up to Dunmore house on the hill. It is here where several fatal accident happened.

The picture of gate today far different from the original gate that shrouded by trees that Tommy Dion sighted a strange headless phantom there in the 1920's.

The pathway through the swamp looks much different in day light. at night it takes of a foreboding look. late at light some swear they can hear screams of a baby crying and strange noises. When the moon is full on the eastern horizon passing trains leaving strange strobe effect through the trees making hand movement seem if every thing is film in slow motion. It was in this swamp that several bodies was found.

Its atmosphere makes one wonder if it holds more secrets?

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Post by: KANACKI on May 18, 2015, 03:22:23 PM
Here is some pictures of the southern part of the bloody mile.

You can see the old bridge now replaced with new concrete one. One of houses in the picture was the house where in 1861 Ellen Flynn murdered her sisters baby and was walking around holding the dead severed babies legs like if they were little sausages.

It was on the bridge the farmer  John Mc Encros of Dunmore who was thrown from his horse after his horse was spooked by some thing? it was also on this bridge that Joseph Penny died on in 1931

It was under the bridge that several people have drowned. it was also near here that in  1932 Frank Smith Aged 20 unemployed in the great depression of the 1930,s and was camping near the southern end of the Bridge. He claimed he heard during the night screaming and baby crying and house was on fire in which he tried to rescue the child. Frank Smith was found in the morning in a tent with his hand was so badly burned that his fingers on one of his hands was burnt off. The trouble was there was no house fire and where he got burned was a mystery. Frank could not tell much more of the event as the shock had cut in and died from his injuries later that day.

This is picture of transport pioneer Tommy Dion in 1920's he was sighted a strange headless apparition near the gates of Dunmore house.

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Post by: bronwyn on May 18, 2015, 04:20:00 PM
Wow Kanacki,I had heard of some of those stories & remember a lot of fatal accidents(late 70s onwards) as well as living in Minnamurra at the time of the prostitute that was found and the body pieces in the area.I did not realise though that there was so much death in that area.

The river itself has a reputation by the locals that it can turn at any moment if you are not respectful or just unlucky.Sometimes as I had an extremely active & vivid imagination I would "see" something break the water of the river but at the southern end of the bends(only at night & only occassionally) so I would just shut my eyes till we got to shellharbour or Oak flats & hope to heck my sister didnt need to be sick just before we crossed the Minnamurra Bridge because I hated that spot with a passion, it is just not right.(urban legend that I heard  for that spot, when I was a teenager,that  was where you got taken to be raped)

I was born in Kiama,grew up in Albion Park then Kiama (from late 70s on) so some stories/urban legends had been passed on that  I heard & it was never really Dunmore house(a little bit with the headless horseman at the gates) it was just the whole area was haunted and a bad place to break down & be at night.
I myself never liked Minnamurra railway station,I got very fit going home from the station at night because I would jog/run to be away from didnt know of the deaths there till today.

Your old bosses accident is one that I do remember I was 9 at the time,we had just passed through there approximately 30 mins  prior ,on our way to our new home in Kiama.
So much horrific deaths & accidents no wonder it is called the Bloody Mile.Thankyou for the information.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 19, 2015, 10:48:57 PM
Hello Bronwyn

Its my pleasure that you hear enjoyed the post of the sad history of the Bloody mile. Many local people do not realize how many deaths are associated with that area. In the early 90's I remember the incident of the dead prostitute in the carpet. Because I pulled in there with a flat tire. It was dark and raining not just raining but pouring down. No Mobile telephones those days. It was known dumping ground of rubbish as it was then just off the princes Hwy for people too tight to pay a dumping fee and two dumps ironically nearby.

There was garbage builders waste of sorts. and that carpet rolled up. Soaked to the bone I had struggled breaking the tight grip of wheel nuts with  wheel brace. With a  torch in pouring rain, I  picked up half a house brick near the carpet. Finally got tire off and changed the tire none the wiser that a body of women lay in rolled up carpet nearby. I was totally shocked a few days later on the news to hear of discovery on dead body found rolled up in the carpet.

Even then as I changed the tire I did not feel it a safe place to loiter around especially in dark. The She-oaks light up with the high beams of cars passing in the rain gave the place surreal haunted look. It did not take much imagination to feel one being watched through the trees.

I apologize with not being able to recall the name of this poor victim. I looked everywhere on the net To find out her name. At least some thing better than "prostitute" I recall the name was given back then on the news an in the paper. However there is nothing on the net today with identity of this sad soul who must of met a terrible fate. After she all was some ones daughter and perhaps some ones mother?

Such is fate of some especially involved in the dark world of drugs.

The Bloody mile as I have posted,  are some of the stories I believe there is a few more. The farmhouse off Dunmore road near the Golf course and the dump a young women burned to death there around 1900. Not quite on the Bloody Mile but near it.

Its easy to see why it has such sinister reputation. And yes perhaps there is some strange forces at play around that area?

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Post by: KANACKI on May 21, 2015, 08:00:12 PM
In regards to the 1992 body part being dumped. I should ad that head of the body was never discovered.
The following trial was in 2009. Where the wife and Son was tried for Murder. A woman accused of killing her husband and chopping up his body has pleaded not guilty to murder in the Supreme Court.

Joyce Mary Chant's lips were set in a firm line as she appeared in the dock today with her son, Jamie Vincent Chant. She allegedly asked him to help distribute the body parts and he has been charged with being an accessory. Wayne Robert Chant was regarded as a missing person from the time he disappeared in 1992 until 2006, when police reopened the case. They charged Joyce Chant with his murder in November 2008.

In 1992, a decapitated and limbless torso was found wrapped in a bloodied bedsheet near a Mount Pleasant truck stop south Kiama Bends. In the following weeks, two severed legs at Jearra Dam and a left arm were found dumped near Marulan truck stop. across southern Sydney.

In 2006, when the case was reopened, forensic experts in the United States used DNA offered by Wayne Chant's mother, Dorothy, to link the remains to Mr Chant. Joyce Chant wore a purple top and pinned her long, blonde hair behind her ears, speaking only to reply "not guilty" to the charge of murdering Mr Chant in Revesby, between September 21 and October 6, 1992.

Jamie Chant, who is on bail, will not enter a plea to his charge until he next appears in court on December 5, because his lawyer, Matthew Byrnes, said they were considering making an application in relation to the proposed joint trial. He leaned forward, blinked often and opened and closed his mouth as his lawyer argued his case.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has also laid two further charges against both the accused in relation to the same crime. They will plead to the charges next month when they return to the Supreme Court.
Justice Graham Barr set a trial date for 16 March, 2009.

It was alleged in court  years of domestic abuse by victim  was cause of the Murder. At the time as the body parts showed up. there was a claim by Child in Kiama dump that he seen a severed head in the Garbage. The dump is in Murder Mile.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 26, 2015, 07:55:50 PM
Here is a photograph taken just recently of the pathway through Condon's swamp alone the bloody mile in day light.

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
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Here is the new paper story of of 1932 death of man camping on the southern end of the bloody mile who claimed before he died that he had been trying to extinguish a fire at a house. The trouble was there was no house fire. His hand was so burned several of fingers had been burnt off.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 26, 2015, 08:28:23 PM
Here is newspaper story of decapitated boy found in mangroves of the Minamurra river in 1909.

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 26, 2015, 08:58:03 PM
Here is the 1916 story of tragic loss of 2 month baby girl as the buggy wheel hit a rock or bump and baby was thrown from the arms of women holding her.

Some people claimed some times late at night you could hear the rattle of Buggy being pulled by a horse, the cry of a baby and scream of women. Was the reported noises a ghostly recording of the tragic events of 1916?

Just one more of the mysteries of the Bloody mile.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 12:04:56 PM
The Bloody mile crosses through the freshwater swamp that drains into the mangroves of Minamurra river It was near here in Dec 1923 that William Murray murdered George Simpson by cutting his throat with a razor. Was the strange ghost sighted by Tommy Dion the bus driver the ghost of George Simpson?

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Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 12:10:35 PM
Here is picture of one creeks that crosses the path of bloody mile.

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 03:10:42 PM
On the 12th of September 1922. Eugene Shaw 42 body was dragged along the train line to near Minamurra station. How he managed to fall under the train and get dragged for almost a mile is a mystery?.

In 1926 the body of James Thomas Wales at Minamurra his head shattered and arm severed. Apparently run over by a train from Kiama at night. The exact cause of events leading to the fatality is unknown. Just another victim  of long list of coincidental fatalities in area that tend end up in various forms of decapitation. If there was an area prone to haunting you could imagine the bloody mile would have more than one ghosts of its traumatic past haunting the Condon's swamp.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 03:34:36 PM
in 1931 Joseph Penny Died when his motor cycle impacted head on with a motor vehicle. The force of impacted crushed Penny's throat almost severing the head. Joseph (you radiate sunshine and light)ed on his own blood from internal bleeding. Dying with in meters of the gates of Dunmore house.

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 07:51:57 PM
In 1949 27 year old Neville William Fielding run up the back of truck broken down on the road near Minamurra bridge near the gates of Dunmore house. His father was a passenger and revived severe scalp injury. Neville the driver was decapitated. neither of them had seen the broken down truck which had it lights still left on.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 27, 2015, 08:01:40 PM
In 1952 during broad daylight along the Bloody mile Berty Sweet on motorcycle run up the back of another broken Down truck. The coroner back then stated it was mystery why he had not seen the broken down truck?

Was it all coincidence or is there some thing else behind these death all with a rough mile stretch of Highway and adjoining railway line over a period of years.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 28, 2015, 01:18:09 PM
In the following 1950 newspaper article a young women June Walter aged 24 burnt to death in farmhouse near the dump at Dunmore in effect in the area of the Bloody mile roughly between the old Dunmore train station the swamp, rail and road bridges in between and Minamurra train station.

Title: Re: The Ghosts of the Bloody Mile
Post by: KANACKI on May 28, 2015, 02:18:33 PM
Here is a map of approximate location of fatalities. Murder in Blue, Accident in red and Drowning in yellow. It should be noted last 30 years road deaths and drowns are incomplete. But it does highlight a higher than average rate of fatalities per mile stretch than average. Is there a malicious force lurking in depths of bloody mile? It should be noted the two modern murders was committed elsewhere and body or body parts dumped there. One thing for sure it is a creepy place at night. With its history of death indeed it has earned it sinister reputation.

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Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2015, 11:19:01 AM
In continuing our journey through the history of murder fatalities of Bloody mile. We travel back to horrible case in 1861. When Ellen Flynn snapped and murdered her sisters 2 month old baby girl, cutting the arms and legs off  with a hand reaper used for cutting corn.

There is nothing more traumatic than the death of child  by murder. One wonders what negative energy or remnants of such a terrible event lingers....

Here is the story in the newspapers  below....

It is interesting to note the dead baby's mother was not exactly an angle either.... As months previously she forced a neighbors head  into a  cauldron of boiling water badly scalding the face of the women and losing and eye.

That event must of been basis for some of early legends of man boiled to death. That has been some times told. But over time in retelling it was a man and he died from it.


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Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2015, 11:35:31 AM
Digging deeper into history.

You can see Ellen Flynn was sent to jail and Darlinghurst jail then onto Parramatta Asylum. The verdict of her court case was below.

Please forgive me for not posting writing exactly what was said as my eyes are not so good these days.  Ellen Flynn was given not Guilty on the grounds of Temporary insanity?

Hard to imagine getting away with such a claim these days?

To be continued.


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Post by: KANACKI on May 30, 2015, 04:00:46 PM
Ellen Flynn was discharged from Parramatta Asylum in 1862 nearly 12 months after the gruesome murder of her baby niece as you can see in the following document below discharged as cured?

For those who need to know her fate? A little more digging into past may of found where she spent the last of her days?

The Question remains what drove her to murder her niece? Was it jealousy or hatred  of her sister in a insane moment of spite? Or was there unseen forces at play?l

Life in the early Minamurra village was tough and employment was back breaking work in the stone quarries. But no different to many parts of country in early days. Was this tragic murder influenced by unseen forces of the alleged Curse by James Tobin in 1836. He claimed  that he was innocent and the area will be plagued with tragic death?

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Post by: KANACKI on May 31, 2015, 09:05:18 PM
As for Ellen Flynns fate. She became a hotel keeper at Sofala gold mining town. It appears in some death records she may of died around 1868? Her death was recorded n Bathurst. However there was a 1870 police gazette journal with her listed as hotel keeper of hotel Sofala in 1870?.

In which you can see in document below.

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Here is newspaper copy below of drowning of William Gard in 1853 on the north side of the present Minamurra bridge.


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Post by: KANACKI on June 01, 2015, 10:57:30 PM
Finally here is the 1836 article below of trial of Jame Tobin of the Murder of his overseer with an Axe.

Perhaps this early event was catalyst of future traumatic events in such a small area?

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Post by: KANACKI on July 16, 2015, 10:39:57 PM
The area had near  by a strong aboriginal presence too. There is sacred site nearby very few people now know about. There is a cave where you can whisper and 60 meters you can here clearly what has been whispered. The cave elliptical in shape has excellent acoustics. No wonder the local indigenous people must of though the place had magic powers of the ancestors.

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Post by: Christine on July 18, 2015, 07:02:08 PM
Another amazing post Kanacki!!! It's weird how so much tragedy can be in such a focused place.
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Post by: bronwyn on July 20, 2015, 04:24:56 PM
Hi Kanacki.Sorry I have not been on for a while.What great posts you have put up.I have heard of the cave but have never wanted to go.I have also heard that the north western side of the minnamurra bridge was an Aboriginal Camp(?),meeting place for summer & that some,maybe all were murdered & the elders put a curse on the area or the spirits were angry from it.
So much history .The map was interesting ,to see where it all happened in such a small area.I have never felt comfortable at the beach where the river mouth opens.Great posts.Thankyou. :)
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Post by: KANACKI on July 20, 2015, 05:03:16 PM
Hello Bronwyn

Yes you are correct. I suspect it was area near the cave.

 Mickey Johnston was born at Port Stephens about 1834 and arrived in the Illawarra around 1865. He joined the local tribe in his adult years, eventually becoming a senior figure. Mickey was a good tribal leader and was well liked by all who knew him.

Rosie was born c.1840 and it is believed she was a Wodi Wodi tribal member. She was with Mickey Johnson by the 1860s and supported him in his dealings with the growing European community. Rosie was active within the tribe.

Like Mickey, Rosie was a communicator and somehow managed to bridge the gap between the two communities.

The local Wodi Wodi tribe was known to have camped at Bass Point during the summer months. Pioneers Clorinda and Samuel Atchison farmed at Bass Point in the late 1800s, and Clorinda Atchison often spoke to her family of times when Rosie Johnston would bring members of the tribe to her, to dress their sores and wounds. Rosie was also very fond of Clorinda’s baked custards.

The local community recognised Mickey and Rosie’s standing through Mickey’s coronation in 1896 at the Wollongong Show, where he was crowned King, however, no recognition was given to them or the Wodi Wodi tribe in terms of land, hunting ground or water supply.

It was reported that Mickey Johnston, on the occasion of his ‘crowning’ at the Wollongong Show, was asked whether or not he had been invited to attend the coronation of King Edward VII in London. Mickey replied that he had not, however, he was not expecting an invitation, as he had not invited the King to his own coronation.

Mickey died in 1906 from Pneumonia at his Minnamurra camp aged 72, and Rosie died in 1923.

Here is picture of both of them below.

Legends say later in life Mickey became disenchanted with the patronizing and during an outbreak of Pneumonia that killed many of his fellow tribes peoples as well as no recognized tribal hunting rights or land. Cursed the settlers at the last corroborate at the cave.

Some say in the cave you hear faint voices through the rock.

Very few people know where it is. As it is a secret sacred place . But if you look in the old black and white picture taken in 1880's you can see to women settlers in the background, which gives you an idea of the size if this secret cave.

Just one of secrets of the region few know about.

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Post by: Colleen on August 06, 2015, 01:58:30 PM
What great reading. Thanks Kanacki.
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Post by: KANACKI on August 07, 2015, 01:56:36 PM
Its my pleasure.

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Post by: bronwyn on August 09, 2015, 06:36:34 PM
well that is great information about mickey & Rosie & the cave.nearby area is also called Mystics by Europeans, the surfing can be awesome apparently but you never go out alone(bit sharky ) as it can turn on you  at any time.It is a very odd area indeed,beautiful, calmish in spots screams at you in others .I love it &  dislike it at the same time.Thankyou Kanacki.
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Post by: KANACKI on August 09, 2015, 10:26:14 PM
That's the beauty of these places they raise complex mixture of emotions especially when knowing the history of such places.

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Post by: KANACKI on November 19, 2015, 09:18:34 AM
Studley park is perhaps one of most haunted houses in in Australia with a combination of types of hauntings.

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Post by: KANACKI on November 19, 2015, 09:20:23 AM
The Bloody mile is definitely an area that requires more paranormal research.

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Post by: bronwyn on November 27, 2015, 09:05:11 PM
I agree Kanacki it has so much history. There is so much energy there too.I didn't realise at the time how much till I moved away.
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Post by: KANACKI on November 27, 2015, 09:19:57 PM
I feel a pull of forces between the mountains and the sea.

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Post by: bronwyn on November 27, 2015, 09:30:01 PM
True there is that.I also feel it is in the river & the earth.Something that influences peoples thinking at times .On some nights & even days you( well I could) feel a dark energy sort of calling out from all around.Also the ground would feel like it was vibrating ,it would actually make me so uncomfortable that I would leave for the day or night.I just wasn't recognising where my feelings/ thoughts were coming from.I lived in minnamurra in the middle between Mystics & the river.Beautiful spot visually.
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Strange you should bring up Minamurra as I was there yesterday down there visiting for the day. A beautiful walk along the coastal path on the headland. A gorgeous view along the river back to the mountains.

The river is perhaps the link between the forces of the mountains and forces of the sea perhaps trying to dominate each other as aboriginal legends say and the vibrations you feel is of that endless battle between land and sea. Some say the eternal song of the coast so quiet it whispers and few are astute enough to hear it.

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It is a beautiful place to visit, & go for a walk.You are right I think the vibrations are the battle of the land & sea.I found it disconcerting at times but I realise I need that vibration ( but at a very lower level than what is at Minnurra) I missed that vibration of the coast when I lived up on the tablelands.i had a thought after reading what you wrote that maybe( only maybe no disrespect here) that why I felt uncomfortable at times is because I am female & those days could have been more suited for the Indigenous men of the area to  communicate to the spirits past & present.With the earth energy there,an indigenous spirit/entity, lots of trauma & been a men only area( at times) possibly put my hackles up.....maybe?
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Hello Bronwyn you might be more correct than you think. As King Mickey the last of chief of the Eloura clan had a men sacred bora ground in the area near train line in Minamurra where the river bends.

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That's actually great news for me,in that at least I listened to my instincts ,I am correct ( belatedly though,) in what I felt & how I distinguish the " feelings/ vibes" I get sometimes. I have little compartments in my mind as to what I am seeing or feeling ,where & why it is happening. The spot you described is where the energy & bad vibes is the strongest for me.( only at times though).So when I have that it is not my place to be somewhere from an older more ancient source( indigenous) I have been right to move on.Also right in discerning the source of discomfort.That has given me a great deal to think about & contemplate ,I am actually excited about that piece of info as it opens up so much. :) I also used to live in a street called Eloura Place in Kiama.
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Hello Bronwyn I am glad my posts on Minamurra may  have helped you understand your feelings and contemplations on vibe you got from that Area.

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Strange enough in conversation with some one I once went to school with, embarrassingly many many years ago. I found out off her another women I went to school with was killed in Minamurra a few years ago after hitting a tree 1.30 after working in Kiama in the morning leaving 3 children and husband.

What cause her to mysteriously swerve her car is a mystery?

Another victim of the Bloody  mile?

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Don't be embarrassed about your age  ;D it means you are alive ,even though you are uncomfortable more nowadays than when younger.
Interesting about the woman,tragic she left her 3 children & husband.
The murder mile is still claiming people,that would've happened after the bypass too so traffic would be lighter.
What would be the female deaths along there be in comparison to the male deaths?Just thinking along the lines of the indigenous spiritual energy there,that was also a sacred site for the men?
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Hello Bronwyn

A very interesting question perhaps not surprising the most of the fatal casualties either accident, Suicide or murder has been male as they are most likely risk takers.

For example below....

Gabe Lihou, 18, had been caught by police in a stolen Mazda Rx-7 and was chased down the Princes Highway near Kiama, early on a Friday morning in August 2001. On a bend just south of the Minnamurra River Bridge, after a three kilometre pursuit, Gabe veered onto the other side of the road and crashed into an oncoming petrol tanker. He was thrown from the car, struck by the truck and died instantly.

While Minmurra has had it fair share of fatalities is it any different from other parts of highway. To me at least it seems to have a higher than average death rate than other areas.

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Death is ever present among us there are areas that seem to have a long history of murder or unfortunate tragic death. The Bloody mile is just one of them.

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Post by: Headless2 on November 20, 2021, 11:30:55 PM

On page 2, there’s a map that indicates where the murders, drownings and accidents occurred.

The blue cross on the northern end, is that where William Murray murdered  George Simpson?
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Post by: KANACKI on November 21, 2021, 12:03:09 PM
Hello Headless2

The blue x towards Dunmore was murdered prostitute alleged overdosed on heroin in Port Kembla and rolled up into carpet. That was in the late 1980's early 1990's . When the old princess hwy was there not what there is today there used to be a small track into the swamp. People had dumped rubbish and stolen cars there.

William Murray murdered  George Simpson? I believe it was closer to the northern end of Minamurra bridge. Pretty close to where the small park is today.

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That particular spot always makes me feel uncomfortable, especially down the little access road. The feeling of being watched is pretty intense.
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Evening Headless2

I remember  nearly 30 years ago. there was some rubbish there. I had a flat tire and pulled in there to change it off the hwy at night. I saw the carpet rolled up there in my cars headlights. I almost unrolled it. It was few days afterward the body was discovered in the carpet. So yeah always gives me the feeling that I might of pulled in there not long after the murderer dumped the body.

So it always gives me a chilling thought if I was there a little earlier I might of caught the killer dumping the body red handed? Even now the place gives me the creeps.

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Just your luck, of all places it had to be along the Bloody Mile. Maybe if it wasn’t raining that night you may have been tempted to unrolled the carpet. Good thing you weren’t there any earlier, this site wouldn’t be the same without your amazing threads.
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Hello Headless2

Fate can have strange twists in life. Perhaps indeed  lucky break giving me the chance to live another day to tell another story. Thanks for the thumbs up.

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Many thanks to Headless

In finding some more drowning victims connected to the bloody mile.

Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939), Thursday 24 April 1930, page 25 reported the following...

William Williams (aged 40), of Oatley (New South Wales), was drowned, and three other persons had remarkable escapes, when a 16ft. skiff capsized in the Minamurra River, about two' miles from Kiama, on Saturday.

Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), Tuesday 7 March 1939, page 9 reported the following....

MAN DROWNED , Body Swept Away By River SYDNEY, March 6.

Henry Maher (4S), unmarried, relief worker, of Crémone, was drowned when he attempted to cross the Minamurra River near Jamberoo. As Maher stepped Into the water he was swept-off his feet. His body has not been found.

Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942), Tuesday 29 December 1931, page 5 newspaper reported the following

Leslie Nelson, aged 12, was drowned while swimming with a companion in the Minamurra River at Kiama yesterday afternoon. .

Bacchus Marsh Express (Vic. : 1866 - 1943), Saturday 30 December 1893, page 2 newspaper reported the following.....

Another shocking boating disaster is reported from Kiama, N.S.W. The scene
of the casualty was the Minamurra river, which on holidays is a great resort for the local residents. According to the particulars to hand, it seems that Captain Honey, of the Kiama Volunteers, his wife,
Mrs Honey, formerly Miss Pike; his wife's sister, Mrs George Wood, Jun., her husband, Mr Wood, their three children, (Elsie, aged 12, Henry, aged 11, and Eliza, aged 10), and Miss Pike embarked in a hired boat, on Boxing Day, and getting too near the mouth of the river were carried out seaward, where the small
craft was capsized in the surf.

Captain Honey, his wife, Mr Wood, his three children, and Miss Pike were drowned, but Mrs Wood clung to the boat an and was rescued.

Once again many thanks to Headless for the updates....

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Post by: KANACKI on January 22, 2022, 06:28:34 PM
I have come across claims of the following.....

I am very supported of first nations people and our shared culture. However as Historian I try to find historical evidence to support local myths and legends and folklore.

There is a claim First Nations massacre occurred at the Minnamurra River (near Swamp Road) on 1 October 1818. White settlers massacred at least six First Nations people camped by the river. There were no repercussions for these murders and the massacre was never publicly acknowledged.

On 1 October 2018, members of the First Nations community held a ceremony to mark 200 years since the massacre.

Professor Lyndall Ryan from the University of Newcastle has identified more than 150 massacre sites in New South Wales. Professor Ryan estimates these massacres resulted in the deaths of approximately 6000 First Nations people in the early years of the colony.

However I am suspicious of such claims because of an possible political driven agenda behind such as claims for victim politics. In trove the national collection of newspaper going back to at least 1803. Newspaper was not shy in reporting the killing of indigenous people. You can by all means see for yourself no such massacre was reported there yet others were in other areas?

So I suspect we ware facing ideological agenda over over demonizing white colonization to suit victim agenda politics. It is one of the dangers we face today when new batch of historian look for the slimiest of evidence to suit their political ideology. While no one argues that massacres did not happen the scale has been blown out of proportions to suit victim POLITICS.

But untimely I let readers here decide if there was massacre or not.  Yet there is zero historical evidence or archeological evidence. Those who claim it happen refuses to give the location of this alleged massacre. So the primary evidence is word of mouth 200 year later by people with victim identity politics.

What saddens me is we have academic historians pandering to victim politics.....Last time that happened was when the Nazis accused the Jews of historical atrocities.

While I am first one to point the finger if I think there is wrong. I cannot condone baseless claim as fact.

While post is about the bloody mile and its long history and folklore of murder, death and ghostly claims of apparitions. I add the story to the list of alleged deaths connected to the bloody mile.

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I have more death to show connected to the Blody Mile. A big shout out to Headless for some great research finding other deaths connect to the Bloody mile. Many I missed....

So well Done Headless.

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Post by: KANACKI on January 22, 2022, 07:49:44 PM
While indeed as I have said yes there has been massacres in the frontier wars of early Australia. Such as Newspaper report of the massacre of Aboriginal people at Appin on 17 April 1816 .

Sydney gazette may 11 1816 below.....

Those you cannot see picture of newspaper below...I suggest signing up to this wonderful forum to get a fantastic insight into the folklore of haunted Australia.

However you can see the article below....

Captain Schaw, with his party, scoured the Country on the Banks of the Hawkesbury, ma-king digressions East and West, but observing a general course to the Southward; whilst Captain     Wallis, proceeding by Liverpool to the Districts   of Airds and Appin, and thence into the Cow Pastures; made his digressions East and West of the Nepean, taking his course generally North-wards, with a view either to fall in with the Na-tives, or by forcing them to flight, to drive them within the reach of the central party under Lieut. Dawe, stationed at Mrs. McArthur's farm in the Cow Pastures, or if they should elude his vigi- lance, that they might fall in with Captain Schaw, who was advancing from the second Ridge of the Blue Mountains, and the Banks of the Grose.

It appears that the party under Capt. Wallis, fell in with a number of the natives on the 17th ult. near Mr. Broughton's farm, in the Airds District, and killed fourteen of them, taking two women and three children prisoners. Amongst the killed were found the bodies of two of the most hostile of the natives, called Durelle and Conibigal.

We are also informed that Lieut. Dawe had, on the 12th ultimo, nearly surprised a small encampment, but having been discovered, the natives suddenly took to flight, leaving only a boy about 14 years old, whom he look prisoner ; and there is every reason to believe that two of them had been mortally wounded.

Without being enabled to trace more particularly the progress of the military parties on this expedition, we learn generally that several of the natives were taken prisoners and have since been brought to Sydney and lodged in the gaol.

The humanity with which this necessary but unpleasant duty has been conducted throughout, by the Officers appointed to this command, claims our warmest commendations: and although the result has not been altogether so successful as might have been wished, yet there is little doubt but it will ultimately tend to restrain similar outrages, and a recurrence of those barbarities which the natives have of late so frequently committed on the unprotected Settlers and their Families.

As stated before.....Professor Lyndall Ryan has present no contemporary historical records or archeology to suppose her claims of a massacre at Minamurra?

For a so called professional academic that does not use proper research is unexcusable.

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Post by: KANACKI on January 22, 2022, 09:39:47 PM
As you can see below.....

Professor Lyndall Ryan  gives the allaged source: Depositions to the Sydney Bench, October 24, 1818; Report by , district constable at Illawarra; Elder 2003: 25-6 the source of the claim of massacre at minmurra was constable Jospeh wild.

The colonial sectary index 1788-1825 gives the following...

WILD, Joseph. Per "Ganges", 1797

Received a ticket of leave in 1810 and a conditional pardon in January 1813; explored with Charles Throsby, 1816-21, and with Captain Currie and Major Ovens, 1823; Superintendent of Road Gang, 1819-20; constable.

1810 Aug 6

Servant to Robert Brown, botanist; seeking renewal of ticket of leave (Reel 6042; 4/1725 pp.324-5)

1810 Aug 8

Servant of George Crossley. To Crossley re ticket of leave for Wilde (Reel 6002; 4/3490C p.153)

1812 Dec

Of District of Richmond; attended Bryalere, Brown and Humphreys on exploration of interior. Petition for mitigation of sentence (Fiche 3171; 4/1848 pp.328-31)

1815 Dec 9

Appointed Constable in district of Five Islands (Reel 6038; SZ759 p.165)

1818 Mar 3-Apr 14

Accompanied James Meehan & Charles Throsby on expedition to Jarvis Bay (Fiche 3276, SZ1046 pp.1-77; Reel 6034, 9/2743 pp.9-62)

1819 Apr-May

On expedition of discovery to Bathurst with Charles Throsby (Reel 6034; 9/2743 p.77)

1819 May 31

Granted 100 acres for services on Throsby's expedition of exploration (Reel 6038; SZ1044 p.49)

1819 Aug 27

Proceeding to new country, County of Camden as settler; granted a victualling order on the Liverpool Store (Reel 6020; 2/8130 p.253)

1820 Aug 25

Sent with two others to endeavour to find lake called by natives Wee-raa-waa, ie Lake George (Reel 6049; 4/1745 pp.171-4)

1820 Aug 28, Sep 4

Discovery of Lake George by on an expedition via the Wollondilly & Cookbundoon Rivers, 19-27 Aug 1820 (Reel 6034; 9/2743 pp.147-53)

1820 Nov 17

Directions re expedition to Lake George, Lake Bathurst & Jervis Bay (Reel 6034; 9/2743 pp.167-77)

1820 Dec 3-10

Tour made by in newly discovered country; extract from Journal kept by Charles Smith (Fiche 3271; 9/2733)

1821 Aug 1,10,25

Delivered message from Charles Throsby, Magistrate of Argyle, to Edward Smith Hall re warrant to seize Hall's cattle at Winecarribee River (Reel 6016; 4/5781 pp.16, 38, 40-1)

1821 Aug 6

Re removal of Smith Hall's cattle from Oxley's land (Reel 6034; 9/2743 p.211)

1821 Aug 10

Mentioned by Charles Throsby in his account of the dispute with Edward Smith Hall (Reel 6016; 4/5781 pp.30-1)

1824 Jan 3

Constable. Re stock in possession of (Reel 6031; 4/7028C p.13)


Note in Cunningham's Journal that in Aug 1815 Wilde cut road from Little Mountain to Cow Run (Reel 6035; SZ17 p.5)

As you can see in the Colonial secretary index at least there was no mention of wild reporting a massacre at minimurra to the colonial sectary at least?  So if anyone can find the ordinal document please come forward as claimed by another Author gives the allaged source: Depositions to the Sydney Bench, October 24, 1818; Report by , district constable at Illawarra; Elder 2003: 25-6

And perhaps solve the mystery...

I have not so far found the above document claimed by elder in 2003 NSW State Archives is unaware if this database is a complete record of Aboriginal people and the law held as NSW State archives in the period 1788-1838.

Finally I found the report.....

Mr O'Brien, Mr McLeish, Mr Weston Firing at Aborigines at Illawara   24/10/1818   Bench of Magistrates, Sydney District Bench of Magistrates   Minutes and Proceedings   [SZ775]

It should be noted the only "firing at aborigines" there is no mention in the description of a massacre? while other records shows murders of aborigines in other places none other than firing at aborigines? Lyndall Ryan  Gives Cornelius O'Brien and Lt William Fredrick Weston from Dapto as the main perpetrators of the crime.

If anyone can access the actual document to clarify if there really was massacre other than a unpleasant incident in 24/10/1818   Bench of Magistrates, Sydney District Bench of Magistrates   Minutes and Proceedings   [SZ775] would be most welcome.

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As said before a big thumbs up to Headless

For finding more victims within the Bloody mile. Here are some in short.

Thursday 24 April 1930 William Williams aged 40 drowns.

Tuesday 7 march 1939 Henry Maher drowns. His body has not been found.

Tuesday 29 December 1931 Leslie Nelson, aged 12 drowns.

Saturday 30 December 1893 Seven drown, including 3 children aged 10,11 and 12.

Wednesday 20 July 1859 Mr Henry drowns.

Monday 5 June 1922 Albeit Kuehnids drowns.

Friday 20 January  1865 The second son of Mr. Charlea Price, of Jamberoo, aged about 11 years drowns.

Friday 4 January 1929 Gilbert Thomas Gettens drowns .

Friday 7 June 1944 Stanley George Evans, 48 drowns.

Friday 12 January 1923 Francis Leo. McNabb, 17 years of age drowns.

Monday 11 January 1932 Leslie Charles Neilings aged 9 drowns .

Saturday 18 September 1943 Clara Jane Hawkins killed by train.

Saturday 6 January 1945 WOMAN'S DEATH Road Fatality at Minnarurra

Saturday 12 November 1932 Minnamurra Accident CORONERS ENQUIRY.

Thursday 21 September 1950 BOY'S DEATH AT KIAMA (Minnamurra).

Saturday 15 July 1899 DEATH OF MR. JAS. M'NABB

Gee so many deaths with a mile between minamurra bends and Dunmore counting the river itself.

Once again thanks Headless for the updates....


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Post by: KANACKI on January 22, 2022, 10:32:45 PM
And mystery solved when the first time in 1926 the place was called "The Bloody Mile"

The Following Newspaper Smith's Weekly (Sydney, NSW : 1919 - 1950), Saturday 27 November 1926, page 1 reported the following....


The story is that "The Bloody Mile of Minnamurra" is convict cursed.

Certainly some sort of hoodoo seems to have been placed on it, for, within the last decade, it has been the scene of a particularly sordid and brutal murder, a dreadful explosion which hurled five men to eternity, two suicides (one in peculiarly pathetic circumstances), two fatal rail way accidents, and a fatal shooting accident.

The Minmamurra River winds its way through it. In places its banks are not defined and give way to swamps covered by stunted mangroves, whose twisted and gnarled trunks and branches suggest they are doomed to continual pain.

The melancholy call of the curlew seems to make the solitude the more intense. At low tide mud flats show up, greasy, and uninviting. They are peopled by swarms of loathsome crabs. Dust from nearby quarries hangs over the place like a pall. Fit setting this for crime and sudden death. All these violent deaths occurred within an area covered by a mile of railway which includes the Minnamurra siding, 'five miles north of Kiama, on the South Coast of N.S.Wales.

Residents within the area are few in number and are there from necessity rather than choice. They are men who work in nearby metal quarries and their wives and families. Many of the quarrymen prefer to walk long distances rather than live in the accursed place.

THE TRAGIC explosion occurred eight or ten years ago. A light charge had been ex-ploded to make room for the larger one — the kind that brings down hundreds of tons The second was be-ing, rammed when it exploded prematurely. Horror-stricken mates rushed to the scene to find five men beyond aid.

Ganger Eyles was blown 15 yards and was unhurt. Perhaps it would have been better if Death had met him then, for, notwithstanding that he was exonerated from, blame at the subsequent inquest, he brooded over the loss of his chums, his mind became unhinged, and he followed them by throwing himself in front of a train at a spot but a few yards away from the scene of the explosion. Ghastly Spot Five years ago a man named Shaw fell from a train in this accursed area. It is assumed that the affair was an accident,, for no one saw him fall.

He was found next morning with a broken neck. Another victim was a stranger to the district. He was shooting rabbits which abound in tho locality. His body was found a week later. The indications were that his gun went off. accidentally by reason of the trigger fouling lantana scrub.

Within a few yards of this scrub; a quarryman named Edward Cartwright ended his own life In March last. He cut his throat. Early this month a quarryman named James Wales was killed by a train. Although the bridge for pedestrians is only a stone's throw away he chose the other route and met his death.

Warning and Murder The murder was a particularly sordid affair. George Albert Simpson, a quarryman, was the victim. On November 21, 1923, he published a warning in the Kiama newspaper, in the following terms:—

CAUTION To whom it may concern. I hereby caution any person who damages my character in any shape or form that I will from this date take legal proceedings without respect to persons. On December 2 his body was found with the throat cut from ear to ear, propped against a fence post in some lantana scrub at the side of the road.

 A trail of blood in the dust of the road led to a gate 40 yards away. The medical view was that the cut in Simpson's throat, had been made from the rear, the head having been held right back. The head was almost severed and death probably occurred in nine seconds.

On the previous day a man named Charles A. Jordan was in Shellharbor. Two men, William Murray and Alfred Hindes, asked him for a lift in his sulky towards home. They went to the hotel and got five bottles of beer, put them in the sulky and all started off. While driving along Murray was filling his pipe and Jordan, remarked that his penknife was too sharp for cutting tobacco.

Murray said, "I have it for another purpose." They met Simpson, and Murray and Hindes got out of the sulky. Jordan then drove on. Hindes and Murray were arrested and charged with the murder. Hindes was first interrogated by the police. He said that after Jordan left, Murray asked Simpson; if he ; had any whisky,- and Simpson said that he had not.

 Murray; then- sat down at tho side of the road. Hindes was sitting down, too, when Simpson stumbled over him. Hlrides; called to Murray,' who .came over, and. said to Simpson, 'Til cut your throat." Hindes thought Murray, was. joking.

Then his. saw -Murray drawing a. knife across ' Simpson's' throat. He thought even then that Murray was. using the back of the knife — until ho saw . tho blood spurting. .He ran up to them, but Simpson was breathing his last.

 Hindes said to Murray, "For God's sake, Bill, come home, he's done for." Murray asked lilm to say nothing about It, adding, "I owed that to him." , The police read Hindes" statement to Murray, who then made a confession. He said that he had asked Simpson why he was fool enough to hang around married women, and that he would be breaking up a second homo If he went on as he was doing.

Simpson said, "What the- hell has It to do with you?" and hit at him then went mad," added Murray, "and I did not . know what I had done. Later, I realised that I had drawn the knife across Simpson's throat." Murray exonerated Hlndes and expressed sorrow at what had happened.

Hlndes was acquitted by the Coroner and Murray, a married man with a family, was sent for trial. Ho was sentenced to death in April, 1924, and is now serving a life sentence. Hindes is still in the district. He has a silver plate in his head, the result of & war Injury. He is a lonely man. The community would appear to wish it so......

Deadly Surf "MTNNAMURRA RIVER and the con-tiguous surf have also claimed their victims. A few years back a boy was drowned in the river. Thirty

years ago a boating party made up of Colonel Thomas Honey, and Mr. and Mrs. George Wood and a daughter, were carried out of the mouth of tho liver into the boiling surf, where the boat was capsized. Colonel Honey, Mr. Wood and his child were drowned.

Mrs. Wood clung to the half-sub-merged- boat and was subsequently rescued. She Is alive to-day and lives in Kiama. Thirty years ago, too, tho most disastrous quarry accident in the history of Australia occurred at Bombo, nearby. In that awful affair thirteen men were flung into the next world by a premature explosion. Minnamurra is a spot of violent deaths and shuddering tragedies. People do not cheerfully walk alone on dark nights. The echo of his own footsteps has made many a man there break Into a run.

Many thanks for Headless finding this article...

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Post by: KANACKI on April 10, 2022, 01:15:10 PM
Hello All

Here are some more deaths recorded on or near the Bloody mile. Many thanks to Headless for the tireless work researching more deaths in the area.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Wed 20 Jul 1859 Page 5 


KIAMA.-A most remarkable number of accidents have occurred in this district within the last few weeks, some of them ending fatally, and others causing a great amount of bodily suffering.

First there was the death of Brice Henry, a young man in the prime of life, who fell from his horse and died instantaneously, then another respectable man, the father of a family, was killed by the accidental falling of a tree at the Foxground, and he, poor man, was scarcely cold in his grave before a brother of Brice Henry's was drowned by the upsetting of a boat at the entrance of the Minnamurra River.

About the same time, a poor little boy, the son of Mr. Pike, storekeeper, was dreadfully burnt, by his clothes catching fire, while playing near a burning log, and the child now lies in a very reduced state from the effect of the accident.

Again, within a few hundred yards of where this last accident occurred, a fine young lad, the son of Mr John Taylor, was literally roasted alive, the house in which he slept having been burned down in the night time, whether by accident or otherwise is not yet known, but under circumstances so suspicious that the coroner's jury sworn to enquire into the death, adjourned their first sitting, to afford time for collecting more evidence as to the origin of the fire.

The Propeller (Hurstville, NSW : 1911 - 1954) Thu 26 Aug 1943 Page 2


Mrs Clara Jane Hawkins, of Station Street, Mortdale, was knocked down by a train while crossing the railway line at Minnamurra on Tuesday, and killed instantly. Mrs Hawkins had been having a holiday at her son's weekend cottage at Minnamurra and was crossing the line to return to the village when the accident happened. The deceased, who was 67 years of age, is survived by her husband and nine sons. The interment takes place today in the Kiama Cemetery.

The Kiama Reporter and Illawarra Journal (NSW : 1899 - 1947) Sat 15 Jul 1899 Page 2


We have to record the death of an old resident of this district in the person of Mr James  M'Nab, sen., who passed away at his residence, Dunmore, on Thursday morning last at the age of 65 years, 40 of which had been spent in the district. The cause of death was laceration and subsequent softenIng of the brain. A magisterial enquiry touching the circumstanoes of the death was held yesterday morning at Dunmore by the district Coroner (Mr. O, Cameron, J.P,) From evidence given by M, Oreagan, NW, King, Jan, M'Nabb, jun., Senior Sargent Brayne and Dr. H. Terrey.

It appears that on the 20th June last he was driving home from Kiama in a sulky, and after having crossed the Minnamurra River bridge, he must have lost control of the horse, which was observed travelling at a run away pace across the flat road past Mr Fuller's residence with the rein; dangling down, This pace was kept up till the cross roads at Fitzgerald corner were reached, and in trying to negotiate the sharp turn at that place, the vehicle was upset and deceased thrown heavily to the ground, striking on his head and receiving injuries which rendered him unconscious.

A verdict was duly recorded that deceased met his death from the injuries recorded above. He  leaves a widow and a family of ten (five sons and five daughters) to mourn their loss The funeral took place yesterday, the remains being in interred in the Catholic cemetery at Albion Park

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Mon 21 Apr 1930  Page 10


Mr. William Williams (40), or Neill-street, Oatley, was drowned and three other persons had remarkable escapes, when a 16-ft. skiff capsized on the Minamurra River, about two miles from Kiama, on Saturday.

Mr Williams was accompanied by his son. Mr William Williams, jun., Mr Arthur Hopkins, and Miss Thelma Hopkins when the skiff overturned. Mr Hopkins and his daughter swam to the upturned skiff and held on until assistance arrived. Mr. Williams disappeared, while his son managed to swim ashore and summoned help.The body was recovered some time afterwards

The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954) Tue 7 Mar 1939 Page 9

Body Swept Away By River
SYDNEY, March 6.

Henry Maher 48 unmarried, relief worker, of Crémone, was drowned when he attempted to cross the Minamurra  River near Jamberoo. As Maher stepped Into the water he was swept off  his feet. His body has not been found.

The Richmond River Herald and Northern Districts Advertiser (NSW : 1886 - 1942)
Tue 29 Dec 1931 Page 5

Leslie Nelson, aged 12, was drowned while swimming with a companion in the Minamurra River at Kiama yesterday afternoon.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933) Mon 5 Jun 1922  Page 5


Albeit Kuehnids, of Kogarah was fishing from the rocks at the mouth of the Minamurra River on Saturday, when heavy breaker dashed over the rocks, sweeping him out to sea. He struggled desperately in the heavy sea for half an hour, but was washed further out, and disappeared. Two companions were prevented from reaching him by the rough seas which were sweeping across the mouth of the river.

Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Fri 20 Jan 1865 Page 2 

The second son of Mr Charlea Price, of Jamberoo, aged about eleven years, whilst fibbing in a deep hole in the Minamurra River, let his hat fall into the water, and in attempting to recover it, was drowned.

Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Fri 4 Jan 1929 Page 14 


Much sympathy is felt for the relatives of Gilbert Thomas Gettens, who lost his life by drowning in the Minnamurra River on December 28th. The remains were brought to his late home at Wollongong and were interred in the Wollongong cemetery. It appears that he was out in a boat fishing and was trying to work it along the piles under the railway bridge,when he fell into the river. Frederich Bendich, who was with him, jumped into the river and swam about for some time, but could not recover the body. The following morning the police recovered the body by means of grappling irons.

Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Fri 7 Jan 1944  Page 4 


Stanley George Evans, 48, an engineer of Glen Davis, and formerly of Coledale, was drowned at the mouth of the Minnamurra River on December 29, when the boat in which he had been fishing capsized after he had been seen to get into difficulties in a treacnerous current. Two men who were camped in the vicinity saw Evans boat being swamped, but were unable to go to his assistance, and shortly after the boat overturned. It was washed ashore a short time later. Dr Stephens was sent for, but Evans was apparently dead, having been trapped beneath the
upturned boat.

Illawarra Mercury (Wollongong, NSW : 1856 - 1950) Fri 12 Jan 1923 Page 6


A sad drowning fatality occurred at the Minnamurra Rivor on Sunday morning, when Francis Leo McNabb, 17 years of age, and step-brother of Mr Harold McNabb, of Kiama, lost his life. It appears he and four other boys (Richard Cady 15, John Gleeson 13, John McNabb 15, John O'Dwyer 12 years) went bathing in the old swimming place where Mr T. O'Dwyor's farm joins the stream, shortly before 11 a.m., and Frank McNabb, who was only just learning to swim, got into difficulties through getting out of his depth.

 John Gleeson went fo his assistance, but being only a learner himself was unable to effect a rescue, and then young Jack O 'Dwyer who could swim a little, pluckily went out with a short stick, which the drowning boy caught hold of, but apparently was too exhausted to retain his hold until pulled ashore, for he let go his grasp and sank.

As soon as assistance could be got diving and grappling operations were  proceeded with at the place the boy went down, and when those were unsuccessful it was thought the strong current or tide had carried the body 'further up the river, a long stretch of which was also dragged, and in the afternoon dynamited in the hope of raising the body to tho surface. Eventually the body was recovered near nightfall, when the tide had gone out by Mr Johnson Graham, whilst treading water about five yards from where the drowning occurred.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Mon 11 Jan 1932 Page 10

KIAMA.—At an inquest on Friday on Leslie Charles Neilings, nine, who was drowned in the Minnamurra River, the Coroner and the police highly commended Ivan Tussup and Richard Moss, each aged 11, for their efforts to save their companion. A verdict of accidental death was recorded.

Here is a map of murder mile radius of a Mile in either direction from a central point. While for some the subject of ghosts can be absurd but even the most ardent of skeptics mush admit the high number of death by accidents, murder and suicides are well above the average.

That is why for me that story of the Bloody Mile is so intriguing.


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