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Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: Ghost Nun of Beechworth Priory: Beechworth :VIC
« Last post by KANACKI on July 04, 2022, 03:40:03 PM »
In 1887, four Irish nuns of the Brigidine order were given some land adjacent to the then St. Josephs School, and a convent was established. This was expanded over the decades and by the 1960s, there were 150 students in attendance. By 1976 the convent had closed and as student numbers continually declined the school reverted to an adjacent parcel of land.  In 1986, the Bell family purchased the priory, expansively renovated it and have run the facility for school camps, weddings and budget tourist accommodation ever since. Apart from its size and proximity to the town centre, the picturesque grounds and classic architecture are a draw-card to many.

Obviously, with a history dating back more than 100 years, and with almost ninety of those dedicated to housing nuns, the place has a certain atmosphere. I have only been there once myself to catch up with a friend who happened to be travelling through and staying there. We had some drinks at the local craft brewery (I stayed in a nearby motel) and after talking about the company that we had both worked for (he still does actually), our football teams and a host of other things, it was time to call it a night. I walked him back to the Priory and as we shook hands to say our farewells (I returned home early next morning), he made a surprising comment after I wished him a good night. “Yeah, I hope so. It’s spooky in there you know, mate!”

to be continued.....

Australian Hauntings Portal / Ghost Nun of Beechworth Priory: Beechworth :VIC
« Last post by KANACKI on July 04, 2022, 03:38:38 PM »
Greeting once again lovers of all thing that go bump in the night? Grab a favorite brew and grab a seat around the campfire of lost ghost stories. The following story once again I was reminded of by Headless. It has been one of those story lingering around for a long time. And been told by many people so I will do my take on it?

The following pictures below are of the old priory in which If are so inclined you can stay there and perhaps encounter the dark side if you dare! For those who guests who cannot see the pictures I suggest you sign up to the forum to get a fantastic insight into haunted locations around Australia.

To be continued.....

Shepparton Advertiser (Vic. : 1914 - 1953), Friday 24 November 1950, page 1 newspaper reported the following?

Inquest On Sister.

Mr G. S. Catlow, SM, district coroner, at a resumed inquest into the deaths of Winifred Victoria Steel, 29 year old nursing sister, on Wednesday found she had died from the effects of an incomplete septic abortion. Mr Catlow further found ‘he was unable to decide from the evidence adduced in what manner or by what means such abortion was caused.

Evidence was given that Winifred Steel took ill while staying with friends at Merrigum on Saturday, September 9, and died in Mooroopna hospital early Sunday morning.

So is She the ghost nurse haunting the old hospital. Dutifully doing her rounds?

And what of other ghosts well there has been many as well as few suicides at the place. So with such trama perhaps the ghost nurse has quite a bit of spectral company to tend too?

When researching for deaths of any nurses connected to Mooroopna Hospital in the 1900. There was none in any of decades of the hospital being in operation expert a head nurse died in 1950. So I believe the ghost nurse story evolved in the 1960's to 1980 falling claiming 1900 because it was guessed. There was a nurse sacked in 1902 but did not die there. I think her sacking got mixed up with real events and claims going back to 30's was just stories but the sightings in 60's onward could be quite possible of the phantom nurse?

Cobram Courier (Vic. : 1888 - 1954), Friday 15 September 1950, page 5 newspaper reported the following story.


Winifred Victoria Steele, 29 years old English nurse at Mooroopna Hospital, died suddenly on Sunday morning after taking ill while staying with friends. She was rushed to Mooroopna Hospital. District Coroner (Mr. G. S. Cat-low, SM) opened and adjourned an inquest to a date to be fixed. A post mortem examination was ordered. Miss Steele had been in Australia for three years.

To be continued......


 When chatting to a customer at the cellar door of a winery I once worked in about the supernatural, the mature lady mentioned about the ghost of Mooroopna Hospital. She had mentioned that she felt the winery was spooky and then revealed that she had experienced various things working in the hospital in the 1960s. It was usually just something out of the corner of her eye, like a shadow or passing glance, but the rustling of paperwork and sound of footsteps had convinced her that the legend was real.

After the fire in 2011, graffiti artists took over and redecorated the ruins but also quite a few paranormal investigators explored the facility. Reports have been positive, particularly picking up equipment hits for presences and voice readings. But as the site is meant to be dangerous, it has generally been barricaded and officially off limits to the public, with police patrols making it not a very beneficial ghost-hunting option.

Whatever may or may not be a residual presence at the ruins of the old Mooroopna Hospital, the fact remains that the legend of the ghost of the Grey Nurse is well known and talked about in the Shepparton region. The trials and tribulations experienced by nurses, along with the dedication and long hours, suggest that at least one ex-employee of the hospital is still very keen to maintain a presence, maybe until its ruins are finally razed to the ground…..

Here is a picture of burnt out ruined hospital below no doubt soon will be demolished and banished from history? For those guests that cannot see the picture I suggest signing up to the forum.

But who was the ghost of the nurse?

I think I know who she was?

To be continued......


Night shift workers were particularly disturbed by various prevalent odd incidents and sightings leading to the assumption that the Grey Nurse had originally worked on that shift. Her persistent impact made patients and workers sure that she wasn’t going away anytime soon. Bedside visitations, footsteps and cold breezes brushing by were regular phenomenon throughout the last century. In the 1980s there were even apparent sightings of her in the front car-park, leading to the theory that the nurse was still overseeing and protecting the edifice. Over the years workers and patients also reported seeing the spirits of deceased patients wondering the halls and rooms of the large complex.

To be continued......

So what of the supposed haunting? The legend is that a nurse from the early 1900s haunts the hospital and is there to protect it as a heritage site. It’s difficult to fathom such a statement but her presence has been seen and felt for over a century. She apparently worked on the upper floor of the main building then known as ‘the tower’ which later became the second story of the main building. Odd noises and sightings started occurring in the 1930s when the main renovations to the hospital took place. A nurse in period uniform was seen down halls and in odd places reflecting the building alterations that had occurred. Workers experienced weird noises and sensed a female presence often.

To be continued.....

Like the Murray River that acts as the border between New Soul Wales and Victoria, with towns dotted either side of major crossings, the Goulburn River that snakes its way through central Victoria has its first major settlement with a similar set up: Shepparton and Mooroopna. As history has evolved, Shepparton is the larger with 50,000 people whereas the weirdly named Mooroopna has only 8,000. And for this story, the name is very apt. Mooroopna officially means “deep water hole” in the local Kaieltheban tribal language, although other sources suggest it means “ghost spirit”. The most famous spook of the regions is reputedly known as the Grey Nurse of Old Mooroopna Hospital.

The original hospital was a collection of buildings erected in 1876 to service the area, back in the days when this side of the Goulburn was moré important. Just 200 metres from the river, the main complex was constructed between the 1910s and 1930s with a severe, yet classical architectural design by the company A & K Anderson of red brick. The hospital continued to be important until the development of the Shepparton Base facility in the 1950s and this eventually led to the closure of Mooroopna’s hospital in 1974. The large facility was used for aged acre until 1993, and then finally closed in 1997. Left abandoned, the facility was gutted by fire in January 2011.

To be continued.....

Its a cold wet windy winters night as old Kanacki taps away as an almost blind 1 finger typist. So will you join me around the camp fire of forgotten ghost stories. It is you I squint for cursing my typos later into the witching hour. Its is you here right and now are the custodians of these ghosts stories? And its you  in one way or another remember these stories and pass them on to others.

They belong to all of us regardless of race gender or ethnicity. Ghost stories are found in all cultures and peoples folklore. And the more we share of such tales the more understanding we can have of life itself.

The following yarn was brought to My Attention from Tireless efforts of headless That has helped me post no end more stories. it would take long time me me to find. So big pat on the back for the efforts. We are hoping 500 but would like 1000 home grown Aussie ghost stories from all around our great country of ours.

So sit back and enjoy the following ghost story from rural Victoria near the border with NSW.

To be continued.....

Australian Hauntings Portal / Re: Haunted RAAF Base: Wagga: NSW
« Last post by KANACKI on July 04, 2022, 12:23:08 AM »
The following newspaper Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW : 1911 - 1954), Wednesday 10 September 1947, page 2 reported the following.


The work of a R.A.A.F fire brigade in extinguishing a fire at Forest Hill on July 31. in which a man was burnt to death, was 'worthy of the highest commendation,' a Wagga police sergeant said at a coronal inquiry at Wagga I

yesterday. The Wagga City Coroner (Mr. A. J. Redman) found that Lionel John Cooper, 26, aeradio operator, died from asphyxia caused by fumes when the aeradio room in which he was resting at Forest Hill on July 31 was destroyed by fire.

Mr Redman also found that the fire originated when a radiator was accidentlly knocked over while Cooper was in the room. Sargt. Shlpway, of the Wagga police, who assisted the Coroner, said at the conclusion of the inquest that the work of the R.A.AF. duty fire brigade, under Flight Lieut. Woods and Senior Fireman Corp, Gracie, was worthy of the highest commendation.

'Their work and smartness certainly prevented the fire from spreading to nearby buildings, where valuable documents concerning members of the R.A.A.F. and other property was stored,' said Sargt. Shipway.

Sargt. Shlpway said that from his investigations he noticed an electric clock in the meteorological section of the building, connected with the electrical system in the destroyed building, had stopped at 1.57. He said this would indicate that the fuse blew at 1.57 a.m., and that the fire had spread to the electrical section. Police Police Theory Sargt. Shipway said In evidence:

I observed that the remains of a swivel chair were facing where the radiator was usually kept. I noticed that a fire extinguisher had been removed from a bracket on the wall. There was a hole burnt In the floor where the radiator should have been.

'Inquiries showed that the body of Cooper was found lying on its back in the northwest portion of the room next to where the chair was found. 'Cooper resided In Peter Street, Wagga, and at times returned to the radio section late in the night and remained there waiting to begin duty at 5.30 a.m., during which time he would have a sleep while sitting in the chair.

'I am satisfied that the fire originated in the vicinity of the radiator and near the revolving chair. I am of the opinion that there were no suspicious circumstances, and that Cooper was sitting in the revolving chair, facing a radiator, and fell asleep.

Does the ghost of  Lionel John Cooper still haunt the base?

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