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Title: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 26, 2016, 09:31:44 PM
Here is another interesting story perhaps crossed between fact and folklore dating back to 1931.

A realistic ghost story is told by a Bagman in the in various newspaper of 1931. A Bagman was slang for a tramp wandering the outback for work in the bleak years of the great depression.

' The writer is recounting his experience during a 1300-mile tramp from Victoria to New South Wales, and had reached the point where he had settled down for the night in the porch of a small church near Orange, on the road from Bathurst.

He writes: —I shall never forget the sensation which awoke me. A wave of sheer physical horror seemed to engulf my body. I sat up and looked around. Only the creek and the stars were there. I lay down again and once more that wave of horror swept over my consciousness. It was when fear began to obtrude
that I got off the bench and went outside. The Southern Cross had nearly completed its great sweep
across the- south, and I judged the time to be about 4 a.m. Once out side in. the porch in the keen air the
fear and the horror departed, but I knew another feeling, this time one
of expectation. Among the Headstones.

Something impelled me to go along the side of the little lane on the hill towards the rear, where earlier I had seen half a dozen headstones. I must have stood there for quite a while, when I heard voices. They
seemed low, and I could scarcely separate them from the voice of the creek. But they were voices. Then
I saw a little group of people standing in the darkness less than fifty
yards away. They appeared to be talking among-st themselves. ?????

The strangeness, much less the weirdness,' of the scene held me to the spot. Then, as I peered at
them, I saw a figure coming towards me. Ten feet from me the figure was plain and I saw it was a. girl,
possibly 20 years old, who wore a long white garment and whose feet, to my utter astonishment, were bare.'Stay With Us!'

I find it very hard to describe my sensation at that moment. But the predominant one was that I was not
afraid. Instead of clearing out, I stood there waiting — for what? She was the first to speak.'Won't you stay with us?' she asked, and her voice was the softest voice I'd ever heard.

'Me?' I stammered, completely amazed. And again: 'Me?' 'You see,' she said, 'you have nowhere to go and we like company. Stay with us.' My balance was returning and I took .a long look at her. ?She didn't
seem real somehow. I couldn't make out any part of her clearly.

And those others —?'But where do you live?' I asked. 'Who are they?' All Young. She laughed and I jumped. For her laugh was the babble of the creek. Then she pointed to her companions. And now it seemed as though a light came from somewhere, for I could them plainly. They were men and women, all young, all dressed in white, and all looking at us;'You are tired,' said the girl. 'You have nowhere to go. Stay here and you will never be cold or hungry or tired again.' ..

Then I got her meaning. She—and those others— the headstones —the. lonely hillside, the light. Why,
she was dead — they were dead — I was dying — 'Never to be cold or hungry again.' Was I mad? There
she stood, smiling at me. What Was it?

I know I must have cried out, and the next thing I knew I was running down that hillside as fast as I could,
with my things held anyhow in my arms. I was a long way from that church when I lit a great fire of logs and sat down to collect myself.

To this day I do not know whether I dreamed that scene, whether I went through delirium, or — or — but
the alternative surely could not be.But as I sat at the fire I remembered the words of the Penrith hospital
sister when she urged me to stay there, and told me I had nowhere to go to

Sleep, was far from my mind 'that morning 'as I sat and waited impatiently for the -Dawn, for the dawn and sanity.

Interesting story and I tried to find this mysterious place of this alleged supernatural encounter in 1931. In fact I did find a place that fitted the description of this alleged encounter.

To be continued.....

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 26, 2016, 09:40:48 PM
Curiosity got the better of me as it seemed an interesting story and in my travels I did find a cemetery and church that fitted the description between Bathurst and Orange.

It was on a dirt country road half forgotten little country church off the beaten track so speak. You even hear the little babble of creek nearby and the cemetery was on the hill across the road from the old stone church. It was such a serene place When I visited on quaint peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Here is some pictures of it posted below.


Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 27, 2016, 10:16:44 PM
Could a man obviously suffering from extreme hypothermia and exposure sleeping out in a cold winters night hallucinate the encounter? Or did he really encounter in the twilight depths of the night and early dawn ghosts from this little forgotten cemetery?

Many questions one could ask, do they still haunt the forgotten cemetery along a half forgotten country lane between death and the world of the living?

Once again I let you be judge of that? But with one thing we may just all agree its stories like this reminds us indeed how much ghost folklore around our great country of ours.

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 30, 2016, 03:52:57 PM
Is the following graves posted in the picture below the site where this alleged sighting of ghosts took place in 1931 still haunted by the dead young people in the cemetery?

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on April 30, 2016, 03:56:23 PM
If so what stories could these dead people tell?

Perhaps theses ghosts are a metaphor to remind us....

When between life and death to ease our fears of the unknown.....


Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 08, 2016, 12:17:41 AM
Or perhaps when anyone who is entering a state of death such as the fellow from the story was able to see ghosts from the departed at the cemetery?

Was it an illusion from a sick man with hypothermia or real encounter?

Once again I am sorry to say I have no answers only questions for you to ponder over.

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: bronwyn on May 15, 2021, 09:35:27 PM
Pretty little church Kanacki. This is between Bathurst & Orange & featured in the Trundle News? I have moved up to this area last year,  Central West NSW. Are you able to tell me where the church is located,? The encounter seemed to be possibly water nymphs more than ghosts,  been so many of them & the creek nearby . 🤔
Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 16, 2021, 04:35:05 PM
Hello Bronwyn

Good to hear from you again. The grave yard and church is in the hamlet of Byng. I got from the Orange historical society a list of names of people buried there. Some where quite tragic.

Surname   Other Names   Year of Death   Age   Inscriptions
A.E.A.   --   1871   --   --
Abrahams   Margarite   1970   80y   Aunty Madge
Adamson   Anne Elizabeth   1871 19y   Wife of Robert
Adamson   Robert James 1871   6wks Son of Anne & Robert
Bennett   Mary   1898            2y   Sister & Daughter
Bennett   James   1912   46y   Dear Brother
Bennett Herbert George 1920   21y   Son & Brother
Bishop   William   1864   70y   --
Bray   John   1843                   21y   --
Bray   Nicholas   1864          75y   --
Bray   James   1865          19y   --
Bray   William   1866          17y   --
Bray   Mary Ann   1867           58y   --
Bray   Johanna   1865?           80y   --
Burns Henry Bertram   1883   1y11m   --
Burns   Mary   1897           55y   --
Caro   Catherine Mary   1967   90y   Last Descendant of Thomas & Jane Geake Webb
Cornwall   Mary E.   1863   12y   Dau. of Sally & Francis
Cornwall   Sally   1870           16y   Wife of Francis
Cornwall   Frank   1875   20y   Only son of Sally & Francis
Cornwall   Anne   1894   62y   Wife of Francis
Cornwall   Francis   1906   81y   --
Cross   Ada   --   --   --
Dowton   Ada Violet Randall   1914   28y   Rem. by Claude
Dunlop   William   1903   69y   --
Dunlop   Jane   1903   --   Wife of William
Ellis   John   1909                   78y   --
Ellis   Emma   1923           87y   --
Evans   Celia Bertha 1888   18y11m   --
Field   May Beryl   1922           2y   --
Field   Arthur   1963           72y   Husband & Father
Field   Sarah Ellen   1966   69y   Dear Mum
Fuller   Harriet   1873   60y   Wife of Edward
Geake Webb Thomas 1879          53y   --
Geake Webb   Jane   1897   51y   --
Glasson   Annie   1872   32y   Wife of Gustavus
Glasson   Irene Millicent 1962   79y   Wife of Wesley
Goodlock   Vic. May   1941   48y   Our Dear Parents
Goodlock   Albert Ed.   1953   71y   Our Dear Parents
Grenfell   Richard   1873   86y   Native of St Just CON
Harvey   Henry   1907   54y   --
Harvey   Mary   1912          54y   --
Hawke   Mary   1865          1y6m   3rd Daughter of Anne & Frederick
Hawke   Frederick   1867   46y   Beloved Husband of Anne
Hawke   Jane   1875           68y   Wife of George
Hawke   George   1882   80y   Of Pendarves
Hawke   Ada Alice   1894   28y   Daughter of Ann & Francis
Hawke   Mary Wilkinson 1896   46y   Wife of William
Hawke   William   1902   56y   --
Hawke   Edith Violet 1919   41y   Born at Pendarves
Hawke   Alma Jane   1944   63y   Daughter of William & Mary Hawke
Hayward   Annie Marion 1936   72y   Wife of William
Hayward   William Edward 1943   79y   --
Howarth   Harriet   1894   44y   --
J.X.H.   --   1872           18y?   --
Lane   James   1865           19y   --   
Lane   Eliza   1865                   62y   Beloved Wife of Richard   
Lane   Mary   1872                   58y   Beloved wife of John   
Lane   Richard   1875           86y   --   
Martin   John A.E.   1935   60y   --   
Martin   Amy Maud   1953   65y   --   
Moore   Robert   1931   55y   Dear Husband   
Oates   Elizabeth   1867   66y   --   
Oates   Elizabeth Mary 1869   12y   Daughter of Wm. & Eliza   
Oates   Francis James 1870   11m   Son of Wm. & Eliza   
Oates   Eliza   1892            --   1834-1892 Of St Kevertine CON   
Oates   William John 1893   17y   --   
Oates   William   1900   --   1832-1900 Of St Kevertine CON   
Oates   Thomas   1906   71y   --   
Oates   Elizabeth   1915   72y   Wife of Thomas   
Pasker   William John 1865   24y   SARAH JEFFERY Erected by Mother   
Pearce   Thomas   1846   30y   --   
R.J.A.   --   1871   --   --   
Richards   Thomas   1902   --   1822-1902   
Robinson   Peter   1926   60y   Our Dear Brother   
Spicer   Mary   1905           18y   Daughter of Charles & Matilda   
Spicer   James Caleb   1920   --   Private 5119 5th Mach. Gun Btn.   
Spicer Samuel Archibald 1923     33y   Dear Son   
Spicer Matilda Mary 1933            72y   --   
Spicer Charles   1939           78y   --   
Spicer Margaret   1941           77y   Our Dear Mum   
Spicer Valma Jeanette 1942   9y   Daughter & Sister   
Spicer Claude   1946                 38y   Our Dear Son & Brother   
Spicer Robert Samuel   1946   89y   Our Dear Parents   
Spicer   James   1953   76y   Our Dear Father   
Spicer Ellen Hetherington 1957   76y   Our Dear Parents   
Stevens   David   1876   20y   3rd son of Alfred   
Thomas   Mary   1862           59y   Wife of William   
Thomas   Thomasins 1917   59y   --   
Tom   Annie Selena   1861   4y6m   Eldest daughter of James & Marion   
Tom   Ann   1870                   74y   Wife of William   
Tom   William   1883           91y   Born at Bodmin CON   
Tom   Nicholas   1888           59y   Born at Tarana   
Tom   Sarah Susanna   1890   60y   --   
Tom   William   1904           80y   First discoverer of gold in Australia   
Tom   Eliza   1906                   73y   Wife of Nicholas   
Tom   William Wesley   1937   76y   --   
Tom   Mathew Henry   1948   88y   --   
Tom   Annie Theresa   1949   79y   --   
Tom   Lilyon   1962           93y   --   
Webb Charles Edward 1834   76y   Son of Emma & Thomas   
Webb Horace Wesley   1870   14m   7th Son of Emma   
Webb Emma Fletcher   1872   39y   --   
Webb Alfred Norman   1872   2m   8th Son of Emma   
Webb Florence Ellen   1884   7m   Daughter of E.R. & Lilly   
Webb Hugh Claude   1937   73y   --   
Webb Isabella Alice   1942   80y   Wife of Charles Edward   
Webb Gertrude Maria   1956   83y   Died at Brisbane: Wife of Hugh Claude

I had wondered if he had encountered the ghost of Mary E. Cornwall aged 12?


Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on May 16, 2021, 04:36:25 PM
Hello Bronwyn if you ever visit there please take some pictures.

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: bronwyn on May 16, 2021, 04:42:26 PM
Hello Kanacki. Wow a lot of young people on that list .I agree though with it possibly being Mary.

I definitely will take pictures,  it's something I do a lot of nowadays lol taking photos. Thankyou for the location,  I will google search the area & see how far away it actually is .Probably only hour or 2 .
Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on August 10, 2021, 02:43:25 PM
I am looking forward to see if you can find out anything more?

Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: bronwyn on August 23, 2021, 08:35:22 AM
I haven't been to the Cemetery yet Kanacki .Although it is only 1.5 hours away .The creek that surrounds my property  access has been flooded about 3 or 4 times since May & up for at least a week last one was 2 weeks cut off .Now lockdown for whole NSW , I think I will get out there about October. I hope lol It's still in my thoughts because not only check out history,  check out a possible haunting & fossick for rocks . Hope you are well
Title: Re: Ghost Girl in the Cemetery Orange Bathurst NSW
Post by: KANACKI on August 25, 2021, 01:29:40 PM
Hello Bronwyn

I am well thanks.

Thank you for update. Last night we was hit by the rain event we sort of escaped the worst of it. Stay safe from the flooding. And only go when its safe to do so. I am interested in what you find and please please take some photos.

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