Author Topic: A lion in Morwell 1915?  (Read 3143 times)

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A lion in Morwell 1915?
« on: October 07, 2008, 10:20:49 AM »
The Argus   Wednesday 6 October 1915

MORWELL Tuesday -Mr. Horace

Brinsmead a farmer reports that whilst

out mustering cattle on the Haunted Hills,

about five miles from Morwell he saw a

lion. He states that he had a good look

at the animal which was about 100 yards

distant but could not force his horse any

nearer He is quite positive that the ani

mal he saw was a lion. It disappeared
Help fix this text!into a belt of dense scrub. Mr Brinsmead

adds that there ire n number of dead

sheep partly eaten in the vicinity. A

party has gone out with rifles and dogs to

day to hunt for the animal

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Re: A lion in Morwell 1915?
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The Argus Monday 8 May 1916

ORBOST, Wednesday -Mr H Curtis,

a commercial traveller, while on a visit to

this district quite recently, and travelling

on n motorcycle along a road near

Haunted Hill wis greatly surprised while

mending a puncture to see a wild ani-

mal, which he took to be a deerhound mak

ing towards him Luckily he had just

finished mendmg the puncture, and quickly '

mounted his machine and rode off Mr
Help fix this text!Curtis bul previously heard of a wild animal

killing sheep m the district, and on one

occasion attacking a man on horseback Pos

sibly this hound seen by Mr Curtis is what

caused the lion scare

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Re: A lion in Morwell 1915?
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good find!

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Re: A lion in Morwell 1915?
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That is a good find. Thanks Whisper.
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