Author Topic: Possible sighting of fabled Black Panther!  (Read 3016 times)

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Possible sighting of fabled Black Panther!
« on: May 22, 2008, 02:16:43 PM »
Possible sighting of fabled Black Panther!
22/05/2008 4:00:00 AM

Rotary District 9650 Governor Ian Dyball was passing through Guyra following an evening in Dorrigo last week and was staying overnight along with Frank Presnell at the home of Liz and Alan St Clair in Black Mountain. He also had Frank with him for the return journey from Dorrigo.

Ian advised that as he drove into the St Clair's house yard at around midnight he saw a strange animal quickly move out of his car's headlights. The animal was described as being jet black in colour, around 500 mm high, 800mm long with a sleek long straight backed body and a feline shaped head. It had a tail around 400mm long which was slightly upturned as it ran. Its gait was smooth and it ran quickly with its head at about the same level as its back.

Now we understand that Ian had not been drinking and he said that the animal was definitely not a house cat, nor a fox, pig or dog. It just so happened that unfortunately Frank had been talking so incessantly all the way from Dorrigo that he didnít have time to notice the animal himself!

So Ian came in and asked the St Clairs what was the animal that he had just seen and were they common?

Well its funny what comes to mind, and both Liz and Alan blurted out that it must have been the "Black Panther" which is well known in the Guyra district but rarely seen. Unfortunately there was no spore on the driveway next morning to back up these claims. What else could it have been?

Maybe others have sighted something similar in recent or past times and may wish to share their experiences.


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