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Bowen, North Queensland
« on: October 04, 2005, 12:06:03 AM »
My relatives (mother side) all her family lives in bowen. i have been bowen for many times it was a small town but very popular for on holiday place, the best time going there is on april until oct because the weather on summer time it would be awful high humid same as cairns (worse) and cannot swim on the beach due of jellyfish but must swim on the blue net it safe for you to swim on net.

ok tell you all about bowen, it is a old place but very small community that look after each other family to family, there has salt factory that makes salt, also that has biggest mango farm all over the place also a few of sugar as well.

in during WW2 times, bowen offer aussie military and also US military as well to stay in bowen to defend the coast to coast due of japan attack on darwin, bowen community saw it was biggest military ever been in bowen and bowen community working and help military going though, my uncle who was young boy they do half day at school only 3 hours a day and volunteer to help military such as fix the plane or clean the ship listed go on, while my grandfather (RAAF) and his other brother and my grandmother's brother as well (army, navy, RAAF) went on war. when the WW2 was over things have change so much in bowen it was total empty from military, and it was back to normal as bowen community some are very sad that some brothers didnt come home from war it was huge loss,
bowen are very close to aussie military for many years.

present lives, there is about 12,000+ (still growing) people living in bowen and it still number growing popular tourist place to be and alot people loves in bowen because it beautiful place to be is horseshoe bay it heaven in the beach because there is 2 huge rocks between each other side and it was nice to swim.  but town it can be abit boring because they do close early saturday around 1pm and sunday is close all day but video shop seafood shop and resturant is still open the whole weekend.  if your a country person it would be good for you because you can cope anything lol, i am very city person cant copy with country lives like bowen lol.

in bowen dont have macca (mc donald), KFC, hungry jacks and pizza hut but only eagle boys (it new), red rooster etc.

alot bowen community have little complaint that bowen need some facelift as they need a better place like new shop, new housing and now it has i heard there was some new shop, and new housing as well.

maybe one day you can visit and thoughts about bowen it a best place to stay for a holiday.

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Bowen, North Queensland
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Hi Taggie,
I went through Bowen a number of times when I was repping in Queensland. i walked into a sewing shop there and the man greeted me in shorts and bare feet!! It was very casual.
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