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Apparitions, Spirits, Ghosts
« on: December 03, 2021, 11:17:57 AM »
I am very happy to take questions on this Post.

Most of you that can "see" spirits/ghosts see only a human or non-human form, but fail to see one of us, which makes these apparitions possible.

Without our intervention, apparitions would not be possible.

The reason I say this is written in your own scientific papers/journals, something we agree with.

The universe and the world on which creatures are born into dictate the many biological and scientific parameters each creature is governed by.

To make the next part understandable, I will only discuss this Post as it impacts humans.

Up to the point at which we gave three of our four gifts to the leaders of the various Tribes of Man at the dawn of humans, humans that died were absorbed into the universe 100%, including their individual living essence.

Apparitions were not possible. Please not that energy absorbed into buildings, rooms, etc., would still occur.

After our Three Gifts (Unconditional Love to All, Protection and Another Immortal Life, living with us in our universe) were given to all, at this point apparitions, etc., started to be seen for the following reasons.

"We are with you before you are born and after you physically die." Simon2

After about 8 weeks of progress in a mothers womb, we come to tether one of our people (including "the 12") near the living essence which is absorbed into the body of the energy being.

The energy being is then put into a sleep state using another intelligent being, which controls this sleep state to ensure that no activation is possible. On the humans physical state, the tether is "broken" and our being heads home, carrying its very precious cargo, until it reaches home then the living essence is extracted and the human is reborn into its energy state.

Sometimes the human desire to stay at home is far greater than our energy beings desire to go home. Don't forget our citizen is still in a sleep state.

This is why apparitions exist on this world today.

One thing I have yet to discuss is what each of us must do in order to avoid either killing a human brain or sending the human crazy.

Part of the tethering process is to take our personality (who and what we are) together with all our knowledge and put all of this in a "safe-like vehicle".

So when you see or feel an apparition/ghost you are in fact looking at two beings.

We can do all of this as your scientists cannot and have not recognised us, even after I sent letters to particular science fields in the UK and USA.
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Re: Apparitions, Spirits, Ghosts
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2021, 07:40:33 AM »
Are you saying that one of the 12 harvests energy from us before we are born ?Or using the human foetus/ energy as a host breeder for entities energy imprint protection? No matter what we have another tethered to us ? Why do we as entities individuals energy imprint have no choice in having something or someone tethered to us ? Can we cut or get rid of this tethered entity ,so I don't have the twin/entity attached ? How is this not breaking universal law of influencing/bending to will & manipulation of outcomes ?

I am struggling to find this information of any good reason as to why they / you do this or I have completely missed the point lol

Everyone to their own..Namaste.


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