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Chittaben House Spook: Northam: WA
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:33:01 PM »
In Northam there is an old story of Chittaben House that an old man disappeared and no one ever found out what had become of him. Some believed he had been murdered, but the police could find no trace of that. The last place he was seen was with his fellow workmen at a farm house known as Chittaben House. He was employed threshing wheat with "a stick and a half," as they used in those day.

One man used to say when he was drunk that he killed the old man and buried him under the floor of Chittaben House, but when he was sober he knew nothing about it. The police had the floor pulled up but could not find anything.

After this the occupants of Chittaben House said that the place was haunted. At eleven o'clock every night the doors of the house would bang open and they would hear something tip-tapping up stairs. They would lock the doors and place a heavy chair behind each door and at 11 o'clock the chairs would go across the floor and the doors would bang open as if there were some heavy force against them.

The people left the place and another family came to live there and they too left because they reckoned the place was haunted. Several families had lived there and each tells the same story.

Some years later a body was unearthed from an old gravel pit and the bones were considered to be those of a human being, but whether they were the remains of the old man no one really knows?

Was the house really hunted by the ghost of the old man perhaps seeking vengeance for being murdered?



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