Author Topic: Burning Lady of King Willian St Adelaide: SA  (Read 38 times)


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Burning Lady of King Willian St Adelaide: SA
« on: June 28, 2021, 04:47:26 PM »
There is a building in  King William Street, Adelaide that is allegedly hunted by a burning lady.

One particular gentleman recounted a story of the haunting. He alleged that staff in the building witnessed ghostly goings on that couldn't be explained rationally. The paranormal phenomena included the overpowering smell of smoke and the sounds of screams and alarms, all with no known source.

The most chilling account came from a former staff member. She worked in the building during the 1990s, often in the basement. One day, as she was going about her work, she reported being overcome with paranoia and felt as if someone was watching her. She knew she was alone in the basement, but the feeling was overwhelming, and just as she was preparing to go back upstairs it happened…

Before her eyes, the image of a young woman appeared. The woman looked to be in great pain, tears streaming from her eyes, mouth open in a tormented scream. The smell of smoke filled the room and the air seemed to heat up. Suddenly, the apparition looked as though she was burning, then abruptly vanished into thin air. Terrified, the employee ran from the basement. She quit her job not long after and never returned.

To be continued...



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