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"Well, my friend, that was a lovely lunch, thank you."

Let's continue my story.

Of my 12 months away, I returned after only 3 months as I missed my girlfriend and home. On my return my girlfriend and her sister and husband met me at the gate, but from a long distance away, I felt a great amount of negative energy, hit me "full on", I nearly collapsed, it was that great.

I knew what it meant and a few months later she told me she had someone else. "why wait that long..".

I have no idea, so with another failed relationship I went back home and for the 3rd time my mother cried, thinking I would never marry, but I was in no hurry.

From a work point of view I knew that my replacement had a 12 month contract so I rang a friend from our Head Office and told him I was back and he said he would see what he could do, so I was seconded to Head Office as a trouble-shooter/fixer of problems and they had a few things they wanted me to look at.

The first being in Victoria at our manufacturing division. Sorted that one in a few weeks and gave the Director of that part of the company the bad news.

Another was the implementation of the computer side, which wasn't getting traction and in between an acquisition they needed my opinion on.

Ultimately, I had to make a presentation to the MD and finance director, to cut our loses on the implementation as ongoing "real costs" and disruption due to external risk factors. After my presentation they asked me my opinion, I told them and they agreed. It was as easy as that.

Oh, the gentlemen who replaced me got fired after about 9 months due to some creative accounting. No fraud but I spent some time going back to when I left and redoing all the books; proved I was so right.

Got back my old job, left home; about time you say.

Then when I was 27 my younger brother who was living with me at the time (got divorced from his wife), said he was going to bring a friend to the family Christmas party, which didn't make me happy, as she wouldn't know anyone and this was a "family Christmas".

Anyway, I got there early, as usual and when my brother arrived and I saw the girl, it was, for me, love at first sight. My younger sister had strangely sat her next to me and we just talked and talked; for me it seemed like we were the only two people there.

I saw her at our friends places a couple of times and the same thing happened we talked and talked. I asked her about my brother and she said they were just friends, nothing more.

If you recall I mentioned that I got on well with them all so it wasn't unusual for us to get together, go water-skiing, you know just having fun.

One day, when my brother was out, she came around and after a couple of awkward minutes, she asked me out and this was the start of a wonderful relationship.

On the paranormal side I had told her early on that this was something that I would never give up, but that no one else knew.

Just before we got married, we were around at a friend’s place and this time the wife and I started to talk about how we "felt" about ourselves, to which I replied that for me it was like I was a passenger in car, which in this case was my body.

She also said she felt exactly the same as I had described.

I am not sure how we got onto the subject of seances, but we did and she wanted to have one as a member of her family had died and couple of years back.

Even though my friend did not believe in the paranormal he started with us, but I knew my fiancé did not want to participate and was cool with that.

As usual I did all the talking, etc., as I knew what to do and how to keep everyone safe.

After a while we got onto a boy who, after my coaxing, told me he had died before he was born and when I looked at my wife's friend, she was as white as a sheet and told us that she had miscarried before the baby was born.

What a night it was and I felt for both of them having to live through such an ordeal again.

That night would also be the last time I would mention that I felt like a passenger inside my body.

Turning 30 also was the year I got married and went on our 2 week honeymoon and was promoted to another part of the business, all of which my old boss was not happy about.

Oh, I also started a Post Graduate Course in IT.

I also started to get a lot of lower back pains, something that took me 2 years to finally get a specialist that agreed the problem wasn't in my head as one specialist had said previously.

After a year of renting we bought a lovely "Victorian Block Fronted Weatherboard House" in a suburb we both liked and near my wife’s family, who I had grown to love.

I had learnt earlier that he was the state manager where my brother and wife worked. So, we bonded on business matters. Finally, someone who understood and was happy with what I did.

I felt lost as my family still didn't understand me at all.

In 1982 my new boss announced to everyone that the head office would be moving to Sydney in late 1983 and that those that could not go would have to resign.

I was gutted because he knew we were buying a house when the process of moving was started and unfortunately the job market in Melbourne was very flat.

So, we had to sell a home, we loved and one we had put a lot of hours in painting, sanding floors, etc. and even had plans drawn up to renovate.

anyway, we sold the property at a profit, which was great and were moving to Sydney around the 3rd Quarter of 1983.

Before I was due to go, we had arranged that I would spend a week in traction then I would catchup with everyone in the new head office in a Sydney.

However, the week turned into 2 then 3 weeks in traction. My dear wife had already moved to rented accommodation near where we would ultimately by a wonderful semi-terrace, with both rising and falling damp, etc. But my wife only saw what it would ultimately come.

After 3 weeks in traction and losing a few kilograms of weight I (feeling much better) and my wife (who came back for me LOL) both arrived in Sydney and settled in, or so we thought.

It was, I think, the second-half of November 1983 and a weekend, all I did was "fluff the doona" and I suddenly dropped to the floor in excruciating pain.

Being new to Sydney my wife, who transferred with her work at the same time, called a friend who recommended St George Hospital (Yuck, I remember it well, except 3 Days).

I remember being admitted, still in terrible pain, the worst I have ever felt and it seemed like they were ignoring me, much to the fun of a few guys around, who were trying to help with humour. LOL

Then I was taken to get a "standing" (yes you heard me, Ahh) Contrast Dye CT Scan (Myelogram). The pain was almost intolerable, even for me and perspiration was running down my body.

It was then my Orthopaedic Surgeon walked in and smiled; I knew we would get on!!!

This is when things started to get weird and then really weird.

I know that shortly after getting back to my bed, the pain kept getting worse, I even, as a last resort, pressed the "Crash Button" as no one was coming, then seeing the cooling fans above going round and round.

The next thing I remember was waking up, but feeling better. I said good morning to my "new bed buddies" and apologised for last night, after which they just laughed and laughed.

I said to them what's so funny and they said that it was 3 days since that "night" and I couldn't believe them.

When it was visiting hours, my wife came in and told me that she arranged for a bed in the Private Hospital nearby and I would be moved by ambulance soon.

I then asked my wife why she hadn't visited me since she brought me here (I heard nearby laughter again)?

She said that she had been visiting me, along with a friend from work, every day and that I was very chatty and in good spirits.

Oh God, what is happening to me. I still cannot get back those 3 Days, no matter how hard I try.

That was the start of my spinal problems and the first of 7 spinal operations I would have up to 2013, but not the end of my memory problems.

Now, my friend, in the interest of time, I will summarise the next 35 years.

Pretty much "normal" for me, starting a family in 1986, whilst battling my spinal degenerative disease.

We would move back to Melbourne one more time and then back to Sydney in 1993, where we have finally settled.

I joined this wonderful Forum after heavy negotiations with my wife in 2013 and continue to be a very active member.

Between 2014 to 2018, I was "One With Myself" where, according to my Paranormal Diary, I made some quite interesting predictions, but more on this later.

I don't think that I have left anything out that is important to where I am now, but if I did, please forgive me, as I do have a very good reason.

"Wow, I'm so glad to have been a part of the 'telling of your Journey' and look forward to you taking me through 2019.".

I'll let you know when the final reveal of the story will be, see you then.

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These five are gravity, generosity of (the) soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.


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