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Good morning my friend and thank you for coming over at such short notice and, yes, lunch is on me.

First, I need to write a Post Script to My Childhood, which my older brother reminded me about when we talked last.

"..Does he know what you are writing about..."? No, like all my family, extended family, friends, etc., they dislike the Paranormal and believe I am writing a small memoir about my life, only you know the real reason.

Anyway, lets get going.

During the ages of 10 to 11, we were told by friend that shops were being built not far from where we lived and everyone was very excited about this so we were keeping an eye out to see which shop would be open first.

By age 11 a Milk Bar opened first, which excited the whole neighbourhood and kids of all ages, including us and we started to frequent the milk bar buying such things as lollies, ice cream cones, milk shakes (wonderful), broken biscuits, yes, broken biscuits. I forget the price, but it was cheap and adults wouldn't have bought them, even ice cream in bulk if you bought your own container, which Mum or Dad would always do. Even bought Chinese Food the same way, but from the suburban shops.

A newsagent also opened when I was 11 and with money from helping Mum with extra chores, my comic collection started to increase and I also started to look at different magazines and paperbacks of all sorts.

Other shops such as a Chemist, Fish and Chips (almost every Friday, which was always a busy night!!) and a Barber, who had no sense of humour (saw the end of my Dad cutting mine and my brother's hair, yeah).

My brother and I are not sure, who came up with the idea of asking the newsagent if they had any after school work., but to tell you the truth my friend, I did. Haha!!

Anyway we asked one of the two male owners and he said yes, selling newspapers on the corner of the main (east/west) road. We would get money for each newspaper we sold and coud keep any tips we got.

So, before getting Mum's approval, we said yes, so commenced a friendship between me and one of the newsagents, which would last until they sold the shop, some 7 years later.

We were so excited, we rushed home and told Mum, who at first was, as you can imagine a little apprehensive, but approved.

So we both commenced, me on the west side and my brother on the east side, so I got the cars going one way and he got the cars going in the opposite direction.

After the first evening I had sold the most newspapers and got the most tips, go figure, but my brother was cold, dejected that he sold less than me and also got less tips, so he quit, leaving me the only seller on that corner, which strangely didn't bother me, because the book in my head told me I would be safe.

So started my "mini entrepreneur phase", which would continue for the next few years.

As well as buying more comics I, like the "Men In Black" Movies, always looked at the weird and wonderful books and magazines along with model planes (the small ones only), which would also be a hobby that would be a wonderful pastime for the next 6 years.

So, the scene is now more appropriately set as my 13th Birthday was coming up very fast. Having a birthday in January was never easy for me as by then, with Christmas and a tight budget I knew it would be like the rest.

But my Mother always would always come up with a cake, etc., to make up for the delayed birthday present.

More about age 13 and beyond after lunch, because I don't know about you, but I'm starving, lets eat.

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