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Good afternoon my friend, thank you for coming over; Coffee, Tea and sweets to help soften a hard open and frank Chapter in my life.

I think of the past as a learning experience, based largely on the information we have now and what we will find in the future. Since we last caught up, more information, together with a much clearer idea of the information I have previously told you, so please once again forgive me if details change.

We left my story at roughly age 6, but I need to go back a few years to be sure that you understand who I was at certain moments in time, because these are what led me to 2019 and who I am now.

My entertainment and indeed knowledge was largely acquired from the radio, which had pride of place in the lounge room. It was much taller than me and provided news, politics, sport, religion (small degree) and shows like Biggles, Superman, Tarzan, etc., which I really enjoyed, particularly Superman a figure I love so much today.

I also started school, which was to bring out traits in me that still last today; A thirst for knowledge across so many fields. Thank goodness for the internet. LOL

In Grade 1 a little girl, who didn't think like the rest of the children joined the class and for some reason she sat next to me and I became her teacher and protector, throughout the year. We painted together and I tried to help her in counting, writing; I wasn't really the best qualified, just the only one who helped her.
One time, I even became her "champion", when she needed to go to the toilet, once again, having been already a number of times.

The teacher said no, a few times and she began to cry a lot. I yelled at the teacher to let her go because I seemed to "know" that she needed urgently to go; the teacher refused again and a short while later the poor girl urinated (not the word I used back then) and wet her dress, the seat, where she sat and in turn the floor; what a mess!!

I yelled at the teacher some words, saying it was all her fault and not the girls and I was going to tell on her to the girls mother.

What were the other children doing at this time, well some children can be cruel, think it's funny and others in a state of shock and also crying; in short, what you would expect for grade 1 students.

I also started to sometimes stand alone on our back porch (where we left off when we last met), squint my eyes and look around me, never up or down, just straight out turning my head left or right.

I was looking for answers to questions I didn't have, just a longing to know more about me.

I also started Sunday School, which was held in a hall at the end of our street, more about this later.

Something that came with the nightmares I was having was a longing to understand what dying meant, was it final or was there something after this life.

Why would I start a "discussion with myself" (again, this is something I do today on topics that I cannot share with others or it is outside of their comfort-zone)  about death, at such a tender age; some nights I would quietly cry myself to sleep.

Sometimes we start "wearing a mask" to fit each occasion so we don't appear different.

At this point of my life, the "Mould" of who I would become has been made and all that needs to happen, is the "Mould" fills with the necessary materials, so that I can at last look at something that perhaps will tell me who I really am.

Over the next 6 years, I grow ever more different than my Mum & Dad and brothers (2) & sisters (2) and cements my "crown" as the "Middle Child", LOL.

The differences are in all areas of life, with some differences not yet obvious at this age.

The areas of note (where there is unity between my parents and siblings) are Football (I barrack, even today, for Collingwood the rest of the family barracked for St Kilda), Politics (me Liberal, they Labour).

The last, broke my mother's heart (the first of a few events in my life, LOL), when I came home one Sunday from Religious Studies and told her that I didn't believe in what I was being taught and had "quit". We would never discuss this topic again.

My father was a bricklayer/builder and he had hoped that one of the boys would follow him in this field. Whilst he took me to his various work sites and I really enjoyed being with him, I never built his hopes up about joining in the "family business".

During the years from ages 6 to 12, Mum bought a television for the family (something we could not afford at the time) and so started my "learning" (LOL) in all things, related to Science Fiction (including a wonderful show based on the Comic(s) about Superman), Cowboys (certainly), Comedy (The Three Stooges; Yeah), the fledgeling start in the world of the Supernatural, etc. I also started building up a great Comic Collection, something my older brother or sister had no interest in and my younger brother and sister, were far to young.

I am only mentioning the following incident in case it proves important going forward. I don't know exactly how old I was, but between the ages of 8 to 10 my Mother took me to the Childrens Dental Hospital to have them look at a potential issue the family doctor mentioned about "Crowding" of my teeth, which may need rectified now so that my other (second) teeth could grow normally.

I still remember the English accent the Nurse had along with the taste and smell of the mask they used to administer Gas to put me asleep in order for the Dentist to do what he had to do.

Mum said the procedure went well, but it took them 3 hours to wake me up from the Gas.

The instructions were for me not to have any solids or hot/cold drinks, to avoid the possibility of bleeding of the impacted gums.

You guessed it, that night I woke up feeling terrible, with blood all down my pyjamas, went to my Mum's side of the bed, where she took me, cleaned me up, put a clean pair of pyjamas and let me spend the remainder of the night sleeping between her and Dad; this was a place I also sought during the early days of the consistent nightmare, but was the exception after about age 8, when my brother was born and two years later my sister arrived; the house became very crowded then!!

The other big event in my life came when a friend and I went to the park to play (not unusual, as all the kids went there to play football, on the play equipment, etc.).

We had climbed a wooden fence, which separated the park from our State School and for some, the future High School next door and was just doing what boys do and for some odd reason, I just looked up at the sky and saw a silver cigar shaped object, just stopped in the sky in a horizontal position. I yelled at my friend to lookk up as well.

To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue;

These five are gravity, generosity of (the) soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.


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