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The Transformation Of Simon2 – Part One
« on: May 21, 2019, 05:02:10 PM »
I start this Post with a Genuine Warning that, in days to come, I will be crossing into perhaps your very long-held beliefs on what it truly means to be a Human, Religion, the Spirit Realm, “The Spirit” and other areas I touch on.

If you have fixed views, in any of the above areas, then I beg you not to read beyond this Post or any of my future posts about my experiences over the last 5 Months.

Once Read, You Cannot Forget

Once Written, You Cannot Take It Back

On My Part I Will Tell You Only My Experiences And The Truth As I Have Experienced It.

Things were going really well (at home in time for Christmas and New Year), I was "Happy", one could also say I was euphoric and heading in the manner of when I was a Hippy, with Long Grey Hair and a very Grey Beard, what could possibly go wrong!!

From This Point On The Metamorphous Commences:

The summer was really hot and I don't do well in heat, but I dealt with it as best I could.

As New Year approached, I was getting more Euphoric and losing both, a sense of time and even life, telling everyone, that I will be better by the 31 March 2019, a date that just entered my mind.

I noticed that when I slept, even on my first night home, I felt literally no back pain, something that wasn't the case previously; what has happened to achieve such a Miracle?

Early January I started to feel, what I thought was vibration in the Car Park below and also hearing water going through pipes, after 10 years in our current home, why now?

Then it happened and continued over the next 3 Months; due to my state (everyone, including me initially), thought that it was all due to the events in December and more importantly, the withdrawal effects of none or less Opioids.

One day I was in the bathroom shaving and caught an image in the mirror that I did not recognise as me; I cried in pain; What has happened to me, I'm really old and my hair is receding!!

I was younger looking the last time; I remember it clearly. I went to my wife and told her my problem; she laughed and assured me I looked fine and I felt better.

When I ate, I started biting my tongue, lips and inside my cheek and to add more problems, I couldn't swallow food, liquid or medication, without a problem occuring. WTF is happening to me!!

At night my eyes began to not work well, not able to focus and I saw spots; daylight was even harder. Another WTF is happening!!!

I was finding it difficult to spell complex words, write or type.
I was unable to hold conversations, without saying some words incorrectly.

Feel, what I thought was "ants running below the skin" due to the Optic Nerve repairing itself as it was nicked by the BCC incision; okay I thought. 

Worse still, was that the last few decades suddenly became images from a dream to me. WTF is happening to me, am I dying, I thought!!

There were a lot of good things also happening during the same timeframe:

I started to lose weight (10 Kilos in 3 Months to 31 March 2019), Yeah, now I can now wear my great gear, that was purchased the last time I was this weight (2012).

All my old habits due to being home for the last 10 years were changing to how I was many, many years ago, in short, a whole lot better.

I was also getting on better than ever with my lovely wife, paying her compliments, going to the shops to get groceries, etc., In other words, being a better person.

Better still, the "snappy" dog, that my son and his wife have continues to be nice to me and allowing me to pick him up. When he stays over, he comes to me, cuddles up to me and likes my wife and I next to him when he is with us. Has even started to stay with me when my wife is out.

This was the reverse over the entire period of his life (he is 7 years old now) up to the end of 2018.

These last few months have truly been, in retrospect, a wonderful positive change in many ways of my existence, both physically and spiritually.

In Summary, Old habits, mindsets and perceptions have given way to new clearer and more positive ones, together with conclusions to many old ways of doing things and  more importantly the visualisation of my spiritual path.

The next Post will outline the most important events of my life.

To practice five things under all circumstances constitutes perfect virtue;

These five are gravity, generosity of (the) soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness.


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