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Unusual Events
« on: July 10, 2018, 11:30:35 AM »
It seems that there is no end to the wonderful events that have occurred over the fortnight.

I have decided to allow all Forum Members to join with me on my Life's Journey, which means letting you know all of the events that have occurred on my "Life Journey", to ensure that you can get a better understanding of what I have gone through over the last, in this case, two weeks.

I have learnt that what I initially experience comes through my Spirit (one part of my whole; "Living As One") and then the event(s) travel through to my "Physical Half".

The first event occurred on the early hours (2:00AM) of Monday 26 June, where I woke, but then, in a "Moment of Clarity", found myself in the spiritual realm, accompanied by one of my spiritual friends.

What I was watching appeared to be a "New Spirit" joined with his "Head Spirit Guide", with the "New Spirit" explaining his Physical Life's Journey to a "Third Spirit".

I was allowed to View this "Key Event", which occurs, following the death of a person's Physical Self.

It seemed like I was in the Spiritual Realm for a long time, however on leaving my "Moment Of Clarity" the event lasted, perhaps, roughly 15 Minutes.

The Second Event occurred last night about 6:30PM; I was cleaning my teeth, when a voice whispered the name, "Simon the Zealot".

The name was clear to ensure that there could not be an error.

I am now reading up on "Simon the Zealot" to try and understand if there was any connection in any of my Passed Lives.

One thing I have found, so far, is that "Simon the Zealot", was very well known in Toulouse, France.

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Re: Unusual Events
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2018, 01:04:52 PM »
Hello Simon

Simon, the unknown apostle, is the patron of the countless Christians who go through life without fame, without a name. He is the patron of the army of unknown workers in the vineyard of the Lord, who toil in the last places for the kingdom of God. He is the patron of the unknown soldiers of Christ, who struggle on the disregarded and thankless fronts. No one notices, no one praises, no one rewards this obscure and often misunderstood apostles no one except the Father, who sees through all obscurity, who understands all misjudgments.

I think there is a bit of St Simon in all of us.



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