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Amazing Progress In My Journey
« on: October 31, 2017, 12:54:09 PM »
For some time, I have been very frustrated that I have yet to succeed in fulfilling the spirits request to "find my lost paranormal abilities", but this all changed in a matter of one-week, last week to be specific.

Up until last Monday I had a very inaccurate and very hard to decipher.

Last Monday morning I suddenly saw in my minds-eye Four separate things that I knew, somehow that they would all be resolved by Saturday Night in the following order

Event 1 - Huntsman Spider in the main bathroom - To be seen and resolved Thursday by my wife, finding and killing it

Event 2 - Earwig -To be seen and resolved Thursday by my wife, finding and killing it. I might add that although we used to have them a lot, growing up in Melbourne, we had never seen one in the 29 years, in total, living in Sydney so this image, although as real as the spider, I did not think would occur, but it did
and we have not seen another one since.

Event 3 - I would have a computer problem in not being able to access this site last Saturday morning and once again it would be resolved that day by an external person. Thank you, Christine, for helping me resolve the issue. LOL, with a high degree of embarrassment on my part.

Event 4 - This one I thought could not happen. I would connect spiritually with a person (Person One) on one of the many public blogs (need to keep the other party’s identities a secret) on Saturday evening and this would be identified by the person's mother. I can say that the person is an adult and lives with her mother.

I started to clear a lot of messages, which had mounted up during the last few days and came to the messages from "Person One" and they were still ill and had been suffering from a migraine for 5 days, so we started messaging each other with "Person One", also using Pictures. Strangely I started to clear my mind as I saw the pictures and it was the last picture that I felt most connected to, so I wrote back a sentence, only one and suddenly the mother (who used to work for me in the '70's), wrote back and said are you connected psychically to "Person One" and all I wrote back was "Yes, why do you ask" and she came back and said that the last message "Person One" and I sent was "Exactly The Same".

The interesting outcome was that this did not surprise me when it should have.

Why was I not surprised?

I suddenly realised that all my paranormal history was in my own spirit and not in books, nor in Past-Life Regression Meditation.

I just had to look inward - This now is my "corrected" Road, which would, hopefully, pass-on to this current physical form all the knowledge I needed.

But there still is the most important question that still needs to be answered; the "WHY", Why now and for what purpose.

I have personally taken one great leap, but there are many more leaps to go, then the "WHY", may be found.

It was a very profound week for me and hopefully there will be more!!!
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