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A Major Change For Me In A Spiritual Sense
« on: September 01, 2017, 03:48:35 PM »
Hi all, It has taken me sometime to be able to provide you all with an "overview" of what I have been doing, in conjunction with a group of "various" spirits and otherworldly beings, over the last few months on a part of a major "Project" (the word "Project" is the only way I can hope you may understand, what little I can tell, without going into specifics), hence my absences.

How much I can tell anyone is very defined and given that both my physical and spiritual selves are now one, I would be prevented more easily now by my spirit, which was the case when I was reaching the highest level of the "Kundalindi Meditation" (refer my previous Posts on this instance).

A lot of you may find it difficult to believe or understand why I was chosen, when even I cannot understand why myself, but I have gone past these aspects some time ago.

All I can say is that I have been very busy working both, within and outside the spiritual world, yet I still do not understand the "end-game", or  even if there is an end-game for me, within this lifetime.

I wrote a Post very early after joining "Paranormal", that I was sick of the number of lives I had already lived on this world, that I deserve a break (a somewhat "arrogant Post on my part", which I can now see).

This was, however, well before I was able to learn how to meditate within the "world" of "Past Life Regression"; after a very in-depth lesson and many nights of continually using a particular meditation, which suited me.

I found out my first life was around 10,000 BC, where I was born with all my skills intact and a 100% clarity of what my journey was for.

After living so many lives, over-time I lost most of this knowledge and paranormal aspects, that is, until my physical and spiritual selves became one, which gave me more strength in various paranormal aspects I now have.

There are also embargos on what I am allowed to do, outside the "project", but one key embargo I am definitely not allowed to continue, is working, in detail, on the subject of the balance between negative and positive energy.

They have certainly kept me busy, especially in the third week of August, but I am enjoying the type(s) of work that has been sent my way, along with my contacts in the spiritual worlds.

Hopefully, in time, things may be opened more, so that I can impart "some" knowledge to the members of this Forum.

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