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Re: Westgarthtown Thomastown Melbourne
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2012, 12:43:54 PM »
Thanks for that info but i am looking for more direct info close to were i live like my land or surrounds streets etc im having a ruff time with it...

No problem, I posted yesterday in your other thread about how to go about getting info related to your house. Hope it helped, but maybe not? Did you search Trove? No good?

As for westgarth there is a list online of the people who were burried there i came across it one day when i was trying to work out who the man was in my picture.....

Can you link to it please? I'm quite interested in having a look through. All I could find so far is that there were plans of a booklet coming out, with info from the BDM Registry - they had 165 names in 2001 but were waiting on a suspected 30 more. lol, I can't find any updated mention in their newsletters yet. So it will save me looking. ;)

Thanks for putting up a photo. Is that your car in the background? Was the photo taken from inside your car, or outside? (I'm having trouble making it out, sorry. I have a cracking headache which isn't helping!) What sort of camera was it taken on? Interesting stuff. :)

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Re: Westgarthtown Thomastown Melbourne
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2012, 01:06:40 PM »
Ill have to try find the link again for you and yes i contacted someone to help me find some history for me will see how it goes.....As for the photo it was taken with a normal iphone 4 back camera at the time but changed to front end camera we are both sitting in the site car he had his hand out the window with the camera....I have sent the photo around to many people all of them picked up that he was evil....I do believe this because he followed me home and i had bad dreams and wake ups for about a week with the same image of this man...

Your welcome to add me on my ghost hunting facebook page if you like if you have not already i have alot more photos there and i have about 300 ghost hunting groups and people on there most are from america though. I also do my own videos from home in my haunted garage witch are all on utube.


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