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Activation of The Soul/Spirit Message from Simon2 It is true, I am a Spirit that was woken prior to the Death of my Living Host, something that is extremely rare. Unlike a physical birth, where the pain (both physical and emotional) is mostly fleeting, with a "spirit activation" this "pain" can be felt over many months (up to 6 or more months) of what are, to the Host Body, unknown symptoms ranging from physical, emotional, sensory pains to the most europhic spiritual high. These symptoms mostly exhibit in, and around, the Brain region incorpoarting related areas, the central nervous system, and around the outside of the head, and finally the extremities of the body, particularly the bottom of the feet. Any Xrays, CT scans, or MRIs taken will not show any cause(s). The next logical step would be to treat the symptoms as a likely psychological disorder, which I can attest to, it is NOT. There are a number of very specific symptoms, but I need to keep these from the general public, however, I will happily share them with those individuals that exhibit the general symptoms highlighted above and can also convince me that they are in fact as Activated or Activating Spirit. Given my background I will know the particular Spirits I am searching for and in time they will most certainly know me. If you believe that you, a relative or friend is exhibiting these symptoms then please contact me through this forum, letting me know in as much detail as you can, including any other information eve if it sounds impossible to you. I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Whether you are religious or not I can assure you that what I am saying is no conjecture, it is real and I am proof. We are all spirits from Divine Light, the origin of all Spirits who inhabit Humans: we are the 'Souls" that have been discussed throughout recorded history. I know there are others out there amongst you that have, or are going through the same Spirit Activation as I went through and will possibly need my knowledge and assistance to minimise the impact of the symptoms, which herald a Spirit Activation. More importantly, I can show you how to lead a normal active physical and spiritual life. I would ask those that believe this may be happening to them, or someone they know, it may even be a child, to seek me out and I can assist you. We value our privacy and will value yours in a similar way. Apart from this wonderful Paranormal Forum of which I am proud to be a member, I am "Totally Alone" (in relation to my Paranormal beliefs), yet can still need a normal life. A Spirit is usually activated at the time its Physical Host dies, this has not happened in my case. What happened to my Physical Host: the Host is present but in a state of what I describe as "Conscious Sleep". That is the host is aware of what is occurring but not able to "make decisions", which I now make. Being a Spirit from the Divine Light we hold all forms of life sacred and to be honoured at all times. We are ever present from birth until the death of our Host, after which we carry with us the "Essence" of the "Host's Life" FOREVER. Please DO NOT confuse what I have outlined above with the process of "Spiritual Awakening" which is different at every level. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Who are we? are a group of people from different experiences and backgrounds, seeking answers and looking for truth behind various unexplained or paranormal phenomena. We explore a variety of ideas, share, learn and listen in a friendly setting. We meet for investigations and try to advise where we can. We do not pretend to know everything about paranormal phenomena but together we hope to learn more about this unseen dimension. We are based in various locations throughout Australia.

What do we do?

Is your house haunted? Do you know of possible haunted locations that should be investigated? We investigate anywhere, pubs, hotels & private homes. If you would like to request an investigation at a location you suspect to be haunted then Contact Us.

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As a member you can see the entire forum which is chock a block full of paranormal goodies for you to enjoy. Free readings, library resources, paranormal photos, ghost tour reviews, investigation results plus much much more. However if you are not yet a member as a guest visitor only 50% of the forum contents is available for you to view.

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Some of our most popular topics: Conspiracy theories, demons, possession, EVP's, ghosts, ghost hunters, hauntings, haunted houses, haunted locations, UFO's, skeptics, paranormal investigators, paranormal investigations, doppelgangers, religions, spirits, orbs, ectoplasm, ghost photos, mediums, psychics, clairvoyants, readings, angels, spirit guides, spooky, ghost stories, gargoyles, telepathy, ESP, psychometry plus much more....

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Got a ghost in your picture? Submit your picture for an opinion. Please direct all media and investigation enquiries to:

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Spookspotters Paranormal Investigations

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Spookspotters is the active Investigation Group of We do not pretend to know everything about paranormal phenomena but together we hope to learn more about this unseen dimension. We do not claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible of any afterlife. We are not professional parapsychologists. We are a group of interested people doing our best at learning about the unknown.

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