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Point Nepean Quarantine Station


I would love to do this next time they run it.

Today the former Pt Nepean Quarantine Station looks like a picturesque and deserted historic village overlooking the bay, the perfect setting for polo games and star studded music festivals.

But come dusk and another side of the Quarantine Station suggests itself, one full of ghosts and strange happenings about which stories and legends have evolved.

The heritage site was founded after all on death and disease as a nineteenth century institution renowned for its remote and isolated location. Much has happened and many strange stories told during the almost 160 years since it was established for passengers on the clipper Ticonderoga, 168 of whom died of typhus, including 70 at Pt Nepean.

Does the imagination play tricks in such suggestive settings. Are there logical explanations for things that go bump in the night and sometimes even during the day?

Over the Easter school holidays, the Point Nepean Community Trust (PNCT) invites the public to decide when it runs ghost tours on the site for the very first time.

The guided tours commence around dusk at 6.30 pm on April 4 to 8 and 14 to 17 inclusive. They will last about 90 minutes and include a walking tour of approximately 1.5 km around the site and heritage buildings. Patrons are advised to bring warm clothing and wear comfortable shoes. While families are encouraged, the tours are not suitable for very young children.

Bookings are essential with ticket sales only at Sorrento Cinemas, 26-36 Ocean Beach Rd, Sorrento, phone 59842903. Costs are $19 for adults; $9 for children
7 to 14 years; $50 for families of two adults and four children, plus booking fee.

There is ample on site parking and the Melway reference for entrance to the Quarantine Station is Map 166 C9.

For more information, patrons should refer to the website or call the PNCT Events Manager Jodie Bascombe on 0412 042 450.

Media enquires to:
Jan McGuinness, PNCT Communications Manager
03 9537 3557 or 0407 850 024

The Australian Government’s significant financial support for the Point Nepean Community Trust has ensured that Pt Nepean will be preserved and managed for the benefit of all Australians.

I will go with you next year Julie, if you would like.  Sounds good.

I would like to go too.

Interesting they are running ghost tours.......hmmm

who isn't ?

I was lucky to go a couple of times with school before the area was open to the public, very creepy place, can't say I saw any ghosts though. 
I would love to tag along if anyone is going to the tour.


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