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Title: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Dogs on April 16, 2007, 03:34:44 AM
Hey..just wondering if anyone knows about any haunted places around Penrith, Sydney?
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: chaney on April 17, 2007, 10:22:16 PM
The only one I can think of...

Sarah’s Grave - Penrith

Many people have seen Sarah but everyone who goes there reports seeing a mysterious old man, who chases them off with a shovel. Now no one has actually ever touched him but the rumor is that he lives next door to the cemetery.

Sarah Simpson is buried at Castlereagh Anglican Cemetery. She died on the 10th December 1838 and was buried on the 11th December 1838. She was aged 42, arrived in the colony per the Friendship and according to the parish registration "Sarah Marshall or Simpson, wife of a tailor, Penrith". She was buried by Henry Fulton.

The Rev. Henry Fulton was the first rector from 1838-1840. As he had been a minister of the older area of Castlereagh just north of Penrith since 1814, and was also a magistrate of the court in Penrith.
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Boogieman on May 11, 2007, 07:23:06 PM
If u want places near penrith to check out come up the mountains. Ive seen so many wierd things up here over the last 4 years. Places of interest include Wentworth falls cemetry, Quarantine station (check with the owners first), and the Old boys home in woodford (as well, check with owners first, i had a look whilst place was abandoned).
My dad and myself went 2 check out wentworth falls cemetry one night on the way back from Lithgow. We were walkin down the path when we saw a fat ladt dancing around a tombstone. At first we were both like WTF, but we decided to hide behind the bushes and watch. After about a minute she all of a sudden stopped and turned 2 look straight at us (even though we were hiding and hadnt made a noise). After looking at us she turned and ran towards the trees near our car. We both made a rum 4 the car as well 2 make sure she didnt do anything 2 it but by the time we got there she had gone. It wasnt until we got into the car that we noticed 2 things. Firstly, she was moving super quick, i mean really fast. Seconfly, she didnt bob up and down when she ran, she was dead straight. Also we didnt see her legs.
The Old boys home was interesting as we never actually got inside. We (myself and two mates, one having a strong ability of seeing ghosts) had walked 4 over 40 minutes from my house just to check it out. We were talking normally when we got on the yard when all of a sudden i felt a really bad presence, as if something was telling me to get out. My other mate kept walking until he notice both I and Ben (the one who can see ghosts) had both stopped, feeling the same presence. Myself and Ben walked straight of the field and refused to go back on. Ive felt some wierd feelings in my life but that was really bad. Im planning on getting permission to check out the house.
Anyways ive blabed on for a while now so ill give it a rest. Let me know if u find any other places around to check out.
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: leah on May 11, 2007, 07:44:43 PM
oooooh the old boys home sounds interesting!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Heavy Metal Fan on May 13, 2007, 08:27:24 PM
There is a site along the Nepean where the NSW Corps killed over 25 Dharug People in the 1790's shortly after the first settlement was set up there, but the actual location was kept secret and is most likely built on by now, but that will be haunted.
Govenor Philip Nursing Home (Old Nepean Hospital) Is haunted, like all hospitals and nursing homes,
There should be plenty of haunted locations in Penrith, it is a fairly old town.

Up here in the Mountains, Clairveux House in Katoomba, the site of a former State Wards Home is haunted. Apparently some of the State Wards never left.
Woodford Academy is Haunted, and so my old School St. Columba's in Springwood is haunted, I've felt the presence of someone there one night during rehersals for a play.
Springwood and Katoomba Hospitals will be haunted, like I said earlier, every hospital and nursing home in the world is.
The Carrington and Hydro Majestic Hotels are haunted, Edmund Barton Died at the Hydro actually.
Sir Henry Parkes Grave in Faulconbridge is said to be haunted.

They are the ones I know of, if I hear of anymore I'll tell you
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Spike on July 22, 2007, 10:07:18 PM
wow i didn't know there were many around Penrith area although i have heard stories about the Emu Plains graveyard but i haven't really checked it out at night. but now that i think about it i did have an experience up at Sir Henry Parke's grave, one night i went for a drive after some of my friends had canceled on me so i went for a drive up to Springwood to meet a friend at a pub up there and i continued driving as he rang and told me he was going to be late so i eventually got to Faulconbridge and took the first left i could which was the road his grave is on so i started driving and as i got further down the road i started to sense something so i turned the car around and started to drive back as i was a white fog rushed past the front of the car so that made me hurry up and head back to springwood.

i would love to hear if anyone else has local stories

Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Boogieman on October 11, 2007, 11:56:14 PM
Thats interesting coz ive heard stories about the faulconbridge ruins which is down the end of the dirt road just past Sir henry parke's grave. My old geography teacher told me that when he was younger he went there with a couple of mates and apparently they had a couple of bizare encounters. He didnt tell me them all but he did say that the stone cover for the well was moved off the well whilst he was there. This is going back around 20 years though. I went there with my dad and mate to take some photos but ive got to say that its the safest place ive ever felt. I seemed to feel really relaxed and calm whilst i was there so I dont think there is anything there (not on that night anyways). I carefully scanned all the photos we took as well and found nothing.
Been to any other active places Spike?
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: TC on October 13, 2007, 08:01:34 PM
there must be alot of spirits  who are unable to cross over
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: catseyes on October 14, 2007, 12:10:35 AM
TC, I don't really think so.  It just seems that way!  Thousands of people pass everyday, but we don't find that many ghosts.  The thing is, we tend to notice things that are outside the norm LOL
Title: Re: Haunted Penrith?
Post by: Dave69001 on December 01, 2007, 01:24:39 AM
Regarding Sarahs Grave in Penrith, I have been their many times with friends and never really felt anything in particular, but on this one occasion me and 2 mates who are into the paranormal and dont scare easy decided to take a 3rd friend along who got scared real easy anyway the plan was to mess with him by one of the other guys walking off when we got to the back of the cemetary then jumping out at us.

We got about halfway into the cemetary when I started getting a negative feeling, all of a sudden we heard the HIGHEST pitch scream it was extremely loud and went all around us in a complete 360 circle, it was the scream of a woman. Needless to say we all turned around and ran the hell out of their everyone was visibly disturbed shaking etc.

One thing I have definately noticed their is that it always seems to be the males that get a feeling of being unwanted their and have more fear, the females I have been with in their havent really had any problems.

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