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Spiritual & Physical Frequencies
« on: September 20, 2018, 03:27:59 PM »
Something that I have been looking at and studying, are the consequences of the diversity of Spiritual and Physical Frequencies.

It struck me some weeks ago that there could be "many" Spiritual and Physical "Frequencies", which allow individuals to see all that is the Spiritual Worlds after they Passover or, in most cases, are only able to see Physical Worlds, Physical Individuals, etc., via the use of "Physical Frequencies".

These "Physical Frequencies" allow us to see one-another, the Earth and all of its majesty.

I believe the opposite occurs to allow all the Physical lives see, once they Passover, all the "Many Spiritual Frequencies".

In-between many Individuals, who live in the Physical World, can also see parts of the Spiritual World, Spirits, Angels, etc., as they have the ability to see parts of the "Spiritual World", including Spirits as they can, via their Spirit, access these areas via the "Spiritual Frequencies".

I have, from a personal aspect, see more of the Spiritual World, using the "Spiritual Frequencies" as I am "Being One With One-Self" (having a stronger connection between the Physical and Spiritual Selves".
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