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Re: The Rocking Horse Ghost: Kiama NSW
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Hello All

I know of Bishops cave. It is a very dangerous cave to enter. You need scuba gear to enter it. And entry is depending of tide wave and wind and weather conditions. The the problem I see the cave is not as big as people imagine. ( from memory I think the entrance is north of the little blow hole.)

Maybe the cave is partially blocked but connected in part of a network of Lava tunnels when the rocks around Kiama was created by a now extinct volcano in Jamberoo.

In theory these tunnels connected to the sea rising and failing in pressure could create vibration like very hardly detectable earth tremors enough to make a rocking horse rock. A ball fall off the table and roll across the room, a door suddenly open? Possible? But to make chairs move from one side of room to another without people feeling the vibrations?

The old hospital was built over an old farm house the may of had a well that may dug in part to these lava tunnels. With air pressure building up ie rising and failing in the tunnel. Air pressure could be escaping dissipating from the old well through the foundation and floors of the old hospital built over the old farm well.

 This escaping air through the floor boards may of caused things that can move easily to move?

Hence settling off a chain of perceived unexplained events...

A theory of course but by no means conclusive.....



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